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TMDG vocab

Anguish emotional, pain, torment
The girl felt _______ as she hit the ground. Anguish
Bizarre odd, strange, weird
The boy thought the dog looked very _______ because it was wearing clothes. Bizarre
Dank Humid, damp, moist
The swamp was very ______ but I loved all the exotic animals and plants. Dank
Disarming Using charm to remove suspicion
The young man grab a necklace off the cart, but when the owner asked him about it he smiled, ________ her. Disarming
Discerned Perceived, understood
The student ______ what his master was saying. Discerned
Dread fear, foreboding, alarm
The _______ of going into the forest was growing with every minuet. Dread
Extremity extreme limit or end
after reaching her ______ the teacher punished the kids. Extremity
Indolently lazily
The girl ________ kicked the ball, she would rather be with her friends. indolently
lacerated cut up, torn
His arm was ______ after crawling through the thorns. lacerated
menacing threatening
the weather was _______ the chances of going to the beach menacing
mirage illusion
While in the desert people have a _______ that there is water mirage
opaqueness darkness, unclear, not transparent
The ________ of the night made it hard to see an inch. opaqueness
Quarry prey, that which is hunted
The forest was full of __________ nobody ever came out empty handed. Quarry
Reports another term for gun shots
The ______ quickly fired through the air. reports
Staccato abrupt, short, clear sounds
The notes were marked ________ so we had to play with short clear sound. staccato
Created by: 21shaddox