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Most Dangerous Game

Anguish Emotional pain, torment
Anguish The prisoner felt_______whilst trapped in the lonely dungeon.
Bizarre Odd,strange,wierd
Bizarre The_____flamingo was purple instead of pink!
Dank Humid, damp, moist
Dank The_______tunnel was abandoned for over 65 years.
Disarming using charm to remove suspicion
Disarming The convict was_____at court
Discerned Perceived, understood
Discerned The guard_____ discerned the king's orders.
Dread Fear,foreboding,alarm
Dread The____that the people felt when they saw the evil creature was horrible.
Extremity Extreme limit or end
Extremity The ______of the endless highway amazed travelers.
Indolently Lazily
Indolently The man______sat at the TV for 5 hours in a row!
Lacerated Cut up,torn
Lacerated The leash was______, leaving the dog to run away.
Menacing Threatening
Menacing The criminal had a______look as he left the house with the valuables.
Mirage Illusion
Mirage After eating the poisonous mushroom, Matt's brain had seen a big_____.
Opaqueness Darkness, unclear, not transparent
Opaqueness The_____of the cop car windows made sure the criminal could not see outside the car.
Quarry Prey, that which is hunted
Quarry After he successfully retrieved his_____, the hunter returned to his hut.
Reports Another term for gun shots
Reports The loud bang of the____ could be heard from a mile away as police practiced shooting at the training center.
Staccato Abrupt,short,clear sounds
Staccato The_____of the ship could be heard over the sea.
Created by: TejanCLK