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Verb O

64 verbs in Arapaho

He is walking cebiseet
He is writing wo3onoheiit
He is running niihi'koohut
He is playing heninikotiit
He is pushing heneeteyeiit
He is singing nenibeiit
He is standing 3ii'ookuut
He is sitting 3ii'okut
He is turning heniineeseet
He is pulling hiitoo3ii3eit
It is windy heeseise'
He is large heniisooowut
He is coughing ceesiceini'oot
He is talking henenetit
He is eating benii3iht
He is laughing hooxooonit
He is putting on his pants ceniitehee3eit
He is going down honoowuseet
He is smoking heniicoot
He is fishing nooyeit
He is swimming coowouwut
He is making fire wootoneet
He is sewing it hooxyeit
He is washing up heehiisi'ouhut
He is shooting it coobooot
He is carrying it neniiwookoheiit
He is fighting bonoo'eit
He is combing it ciih'ote'eihit
He is drinking beene'
He is getting on teneesiseet
He is going home heneeckoohut
He is sleeping nookohut
He is going up nooh'ohuseet
He is sneezing hii3ibit
He is writing woo3onoheiit
He is hollering kooxuuteniheet
He is glad nii'i3ecoot
He is sad hootowou3ecoot
He is crying beniiwoohut
He is angry heesnoneet
He is small wooxooneehit
He is cutting it kou'xoneet
He is dancing beeteeet
He is chopping it ciih'ohuseet
He is painting it hoo'oeit
He is reading neyei3eit
He is swinging neneeneeciht
He is making music neniibeikuu3eit
He is sick heesowobeihit
He is waving noohoowohoekoohut
He is getting out of bed 3oowo3iit
He is hot heesxouh'ut
He is cold toonoehit
It is raining honoosoo'
It is snowing beneeci'
He is yawning nookooniit
It is winter ceeciiniini'
It is sunny hiisiisnohoe'
It is summer beniice'
It is cloudy niinoono'eti'
He is tired neneeteiht
He is jumping ceeno'oot
He is fishing nonoo'ouyeiit
He is flying ceebih'ohut
He is jumping ceeno'oot
He is fishing nonoo'ouyeiit
He is flying ceebih'ohut
Created by: ndncaveman
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