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2016 A-team Practice

New Set of Questions

Two diagonals of a rhombus form how many congruent triangles? 4
The name of what country on the west coast of Africa includes in its name the Latin word for "free" or "independent" ? Liberia
Name the type of chalice sought by King Arthur's knights. (holy) grail
What general captured Savannah and Atlanta on his March to the Sea? William Sherman
The Patent and Trademark Office is part of which federal department? Dept. of Commerce
What category used in the classification of organisms consists of several closely related genera? family
Chromosomal deletions, insertions and inversions are examples of what type of changes? mutations
These were early developments in what field? -Sumerian Code of Ur-Nammu -Babylonian Code of Hammurabi -Twelve Tables -Justinian Code -Tang Code law
Math Question. Name any two of the 5 arithmetic means between 12 and 30. 15, 18, 21, 24, 27
North American Indians from Washington to Alaska held what ceremony characterized by the lavish distribution of gifts to invited guests? potlatch
What U.S. island consists of the counties of Kings, Nassau, Suffolk, and Brooklyn? Long Island
Effective rainfall is calculated by subtracting what from the total amount of precipitation? evaporation
The joint at the junction of the humerus, radius, and ulna is the ... elbow
The rise and fall of the dinosaurs occurred during what geologic era? Mesozoic
What kind of triangle could have sides of 15, 22, and 33 centimeters? scalene
In framing wood houses, what kind of wall supports a load beyond its own weight? (weight) bearing wall
An atom, molecule, or ion that has at least one unpaired electron or an open electron shell is known as what kind of radical? free radical
Often used for the fitting or exhibition of clothes, a life-size full or partial representation of the human figure is called a ... mannequin
What is the main verb in this statement? I should have never left Kansas left
After a full disclosure of the facts needed to make the decision, a person's agreement to allow a medical treatment or procedure is called what kind of consent? informed consent
The Earth's center of mass lies in what part of its interior? core
What is the meaning of the abbreviation, ESP? extra sensory perception
What peninsula forms the western portion of Denmark? Jutland Peninsula
What Mississippi senator became president of the Confederate States of America? Jefferson Davis
Because of what he did in 1963 in Dallas, Texas, who is the Assassin's Assassin? Jack Ruby
Name the large semiaquatic, constricting snakes of the boa family that live in tropical South America and may reach lengths of over eight meters. anaconda
Matthew L. Davis was one of whose seconds at a duel with Alexander Hamilton? Aaron Burr's
What is the collective name for any disease caused by an inadequate intake of an essential nutrient in the diet? malnutrition
The invasion and growth of microorganisms in something living is called an ... infection
Name the westernmost U.S. state in the region adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico known as the Coastal Plain. Texas
Gastritis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the lining of what body organ? stomach
What adjective beginning with "b" is a synonym for these words? hackneyed, commonplace , trite, stereotyped banal
Perhaps the greatest chariot race in history was filmed in 1959, depicting an event described in what novel by Lew Wallace? Ben Hur
President Lincoln said of him that he "is a little Irishman, but he is a big fighter." Name this cavalryman called Little Phil. Phillip Sheridan
Who wrote "Stranger in a Strange Land"? Robert Heinlein
The Anaconda Plan was developed during what war? Civil War
In 1692, Cotton Mather's book, "Memorable Providences Relating to Witchcraft and Possessions," fanned the hysteria in what Massachusetts village? Salem
What unit of measure used in sea and air navigation is about one eighth longer than the statute mile? nautical mile
While proponents of affirmative action say it has helped to promote integration, critics often charge that it is simply a form of reverse what? discrimination
Historians divide the history of ancient Egypt, after Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt were united, into what three kingdoms? Old, Middle, New
Fads of what American decade included platform shoes, paisley shirts, pet rocks, sea monkeys, pop rocks, disco, shag haircuts, hot pants, bell bottom pants, primal scream therapy, Pong, and CBs transmitting "breakerbreaker"? 70's
What kind of architectural structure that is illustrated by the Roman Pantheon is also found in the Baths of Diocletian, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the U.S. Capitol Building? dome
Complete this quote by Aaron Burr. Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done. Therefore, never do today what you can put ... off until tomorrow
Name the fundamental principle of American government according to which each branch of government has some measure of influence over the others. checks and balances (separation of powers)
The continuous circulation of water between the atmosphere, land, and oceans is what cycle? hydrologic (water) cycle
What are two of the three alternate spellings for the homonym that appears in this sentence? Mort should write more clearly. wright, rite , right
You can be sunburned even on an overcast day because about eighty percent of what kind of solar rays penetrate cloud cover? UV (ultraviolet)
The Jabberwock lived in what wood? tulgey wood
The unit of matter that results when two or more atoms are joined covalently is called a ... molecule
Maritime air masses form over ... water (oceans)
Stephen Vincent Benet's poem, "John Brown's Body," is an account of what conflict? Civil War
Classify that which dangles in this line. " Cooked to a crisp, I could not enjoy the pork chops" participle
The biosphere may be broken up into about a dozen broad groupings of plants and animals that spread across the Earth at characteristic latitudes and altitudes. Name these groupings. biomes
What is the meaning of the root word in maritime, mermaid, ultramarine, and mariner? sea
Name the voluntary association of fifty-three independent states, most of them former British colonies. Commonwealth
Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman beat what other candidate in presidential elections? Thomas Dewey
Chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide are chemicals which remove the color from colored textiles. These are known as what kind of agents? bleaching agents
Created by: cadetjt