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On Illustrious Italians

Epic Poem about Scipio Africanus Africa Petrarch
Addressed to Laura Il Canzoniere Petrarch
Famously romanced Laura Petrarch
Nobles fleeing the plague and telling stories. "Testing Griselda's faith" Decameron Boccaccio
Discourses on Livy Machiavelli
"Be a Lion and a Fox" The Prince Machiavelli
La Vita Nuova Dante
Letter P is branded on their foreheads/ "Abandon all hope" The Divine Comedy Dante
Right You Are (If You Think You Are) Pirandello
Characters include Father, Mother, Director Six Characters in Search of an Author Pirandello
Henry IV Pirandello
Narrated by Qfwfq All at One Point Calvino
The Distance of the Moon Calvino
t.zero Calvino
Cosmicomics Calvino
Second person in alternating chapters (Lotaria sister of Ludmilla) If On A Winter's Night A Traveller Calvino
William of Baskerville/jar of pig's blood The Name of the Rose Eco
The Island of the Day Before Eco
Foucault's Pendulum Eco
Maniac impersonates judge We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay! Fo
Accidental Death of an Anarchist Fo
On Illustrious Men Petrarch
Created by: The A-Man