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Way to Rainy Mountai

This is for the story from The Way to Rainy Mountain

WordDefinitionGreek/Latin STEMS (if availabl
foliage vegetation, plants, leaves flora=plants
writhe squirming n/a
aspect feature, trait spect=sight
infirm sick, mentally ill in= not firm=strong
preeminently first or foremost, best pre=first
disposition attitude or way of being n/a
unrelenting without ending un=not relent=end
ill-provisioned badly supplied, without food provision=food
pillage items taken from others n/a
affliction sickness n/a
forebears ancestors fore=first or before
nomadic wandering from place to place n/a
prophecy something that tells the future pro=forward or first
pilgrimage a long sacred journey usually for spiritual purpose n/a
confinement alone, solitary confine=in one small space
cleavages cracks cleave=split
luxuriant filled with luxury or excellent items and value luxury=great
recedes to move away, re=again cede=move
billowing swelling outward n/a
deity a god deo,dei=god
solstices the shortest and longest days of the year; one occurs in the winter and the other in summer sol=sun
caldron a large pot used for heating up liquides cal=heat dron=shape
tenuous flimsy, not strong tend=soft
rites rituals n/a
consummate to make something sacred or complete con=together sum=total
delegation a group of people set to do a task de=of leg=law
peculiar unique n/a
sentinels guards sent=to speak
opaque unable to be seen through. The opposite of clear. n/a
enmity hatred or conflict n/a
servitude in a state of serving or having to work for others. serv=to serve
jest kidding around, joking jest=joke
nocturnal during the night noct=night
deicide the death of a god dei=god cide=death
scissortail a bird that eats insects n/a
Created by: t9bailey



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