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Art Midterm 09

Sculpture and Paint

What is trompe l'oeil? Trick the Eye
Explain 3 uses of art. Communicat- PropagandaDecorate-Poetry and QuiltsMake invisible- Visible- beliefs and feelings
What is Folk art? Artist who are not trained and have a certain style.
Can propaganda also be art? Yes, it is used as political jokes which is a form of communication.
Explain the word formal applied to art. Formal elements- ex. line, shape and color..etc.
Our textbook is? Preble's Art Forms, Patrick Frank.
Is all art beautifl or about beauty? No, a lot of art is made to shock people or alarmt hem. Ex. protesting for war's.
Name an example of something art can convey besides beauty: History, love and hate, sadness
The three attributes of color are Hue, value and intensity
Complimentary colors are: Colors opposite on the color wheel
Two uses of line are: Line can act as a pathway or a boundary.
What is Value in art? Every color correspinds to a gray on a scale of white to black.
"Line Character" refers to: Thickness and thinness of the same line.
The 2 basic approaches to sculpture are: additive and substractive.
The reason for choosing to cast in bronze: casting gives you multiples and bronze had tensile strength.
"An installation" refers to: transforming a space by bringing onto it new symbols and meaning or atist creates an enviroment in the gallery.
The arch solved the weaknesses of post-and-lintel contrusction by: using the strength and weakness to overcome tension and removing the weakness of a spanning beam
A succession of arches in depth creates space by forming: a barrel vault
What do you get when you cross two barrel vaults? Gorin vault
The strength of a cathedral comes from: a skeletion of arches and flying buttresses
The modern skyscraper is "the grandchild" of the cathedral because: the skeleton of steel replaces heavy-load bearing walls
The modern skyscrapper originated with: the inetnational school of the German Bauhaus
Using natural forms as design is referred to as: Organic style- Le Corbusier is an example
How does architecture reveal values? Greek or Romans used straight coloums- math
The three parts of paint are: Pigment, glue/binder, medium/vehicle
Four traditional types of painting are: Tempera, fresco, oil and watercolor
A very old type of painting in wet plaster is: Fresco
Another very old type of painting that uses eggs as a medium is: Tempera
A type of painting where paint can shrink and crack is: Oil
A type of transparent painting where paper is important is: Watercolor
The 4 types of printmaking are: Relief, intaglio, serigraphy, and lithography
Lithography uses the principle that: Grease and water repel
Serigraphy is another word for: Silkscreen printing
Serigraphy depends on: forcing ink or paint through holes
Printmaking is about: making multiples of an orginal image
Intaglio refers to a technique of: cutting or biting into
Etching and engraving are types of which process? Intaglio
Leonardo's "Last Supper" is an example of: Oil Painting
Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling is an example of: Fresco
A pigment is: the material used for a color in paint
The first attempts at Photography began with: the Camera Obscura
The first photograph was: taken by Joseph Niepce in 1828
Photography is: the youngest visual art, linked to technology and truth
Photography as art: has gone through changes just as technology has changed
A goal of the invetion of photography was: to get the light of nature to make its own images
The first useable photo: digaratype
Created by: emilyjc14