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Durango Street

Final Review

Why was Rufus Henry sent to Pine Valley detention camp? for stealing and wrecking a car
Rufus's scrapbook is about whom? Ernie Brown
Who is Ernie Brown? the halfback for the Cleveland Corairs
Where do the Moors hang out? The Happy Spot
Where does Mr. Travers set up a job for Rufus? Ace Tire and Retread Co.
With whom does Mr. Travers set up a job for Rufus? Mr. Wells
How did the name of the Gasser gang come about? they use gas to straighten their hair
What is the initiation process to join the Moors? must be beaten up by the members of the gang
What is Alex Robbins' purpose in working with the Moors? to fix the Moors--change their pattern of behavior
Who is elected President of the Moors' social club? Leroy Purvis
What does Simon Jones do to Janet Henry? cuts off her pigtail
What does his file at Pine Valley reveal about Rufus? Rufus has the potential to be a good leader since he has a great mind
Name a condition of Rufus's parole. Rufus can't join a gang
The boys from Pine Valley know that the only way to stay alive in the big city is how? join a gang
Why do most youths join a gang? for protection
Every time a crime is committed, what do the police do? roust up the gang and question them
Explain how Simon Jones and the Gassers first threaten Rufus and Janet. they throw bottles at Rufus and Janet and tell them to get off the streets
Why does a "feud" begin between Simon Jones and Rufus? Simon thinks that Rufus reported to the police the bottles being thrown at Rufus and Janet
Why does Rufus quit his job? Mr. Wells calls him "boy" and "jailbird"
What is the Big Lawn? grass surrounding the projects
Who is the Moor most loyal to Bantu? Idell
How does Rufus become head man of the Moors? Rufus beats up Bantu
Who is Pelican Smith? leader of The Bloods
What treaty does Rufus propose to Pelican Smith? You tell the cops we were with you when something happens, and we'll do the same for you
How does Simon Jones make a fool out of Rufus? Simon steals Rufus's Ernie Brown scrapbook and shows it to Ernie
Why does Rufus decide the Moors will throw a graduation dance? Rufus wants to get the Gassers in trouble
Is Ernie Brown really Rufus's father? No
What happens during the graduation dance that the Moors throw? The Gassers put a smoke bomb or started a fire in the heating system
Who is Ed Travers? Case Worker/Parole Officer for Rufus
Identify Idell Southworth Bantu's 1st Lieutenant
Identify Richard Motley President of the Moors; nicknamed Bantu
Identify Simon Jones Leader of the Gassers
Identify Leroy Purvis member of the Moors with no record; he is scrawny;elected President of the Social Club of the Moors
Identify Sergeant Starkey police officer who has worked with gangs; he is jaded since too many gang members
Identify Alex Robbins Social Worker with the Group Service Council who wants to fix the Moors
Identify Rufus Henry Leader of the Moors who has a great mind and leadership potential
Identify Whitey James Member of the Moors who has a car
Identify Janet Henry Rufus's sister who "snitched" to the police about the Gassers
Identify Mama Rufus's mother who has little hope that Rufus will reform
Identify Walter Gibson Nicknamed Baby; met Rufus at Pine Valley Detention Camp; helped Rufus get into the Moors
Identify Curtis Henry Brother to Rufus; wants to join the Little Warriors
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