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PS Test Review 1


Bitmap images Images created using a grid of small squares called pixels
Pixel Term that stands for picture element, a single point on a computer monitor screen
RGB model: The color model used for illustrations to be viewed on computer monitors. Red, Green, and Blue values are combined to create the final color
Color Mode Determines the color model used to display and print the Photoshop file
Fill Characteristics of the inner area of an object, such as the color, pattern, style, etc., inside an object
Stroke Characteristics of the outline of an object, such as its weight, color, style, etc.
Align Line up objects at their tops, bottoms, edges, or centers.
Distribute Space objects evenly, either vertically or horizontally.
Font A design of text
Font Style: Appearance changes to a font such as bold or italic
Attributes Properties of an object that changes its appearance without changing its underlying structure
Scaling Resizing an object horizontally, vertically, or proportionally in both directions to a percentage of its original size
Thumbnail A small illustration in a dialog box or panel displayed to help you choose on option
Tile An object containing a pattern that can be arranged to fill an object
Shadow An object, filter, or effect that creates a shadow behind an image
Layer A single layer in the stacking order that can hold any number of objects
Opacity Solidity of an objects color, the opposite of transparency
Transparency Amount of light that can pass through an object. A transparent object allows object below to appear.
Drop Paint Using a brush-type tool to change the color of pixels on a layer
CMYK Model The color model used for printed output, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks are combined to create the desired colors
Created by: ICT2LAW