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Computer & Internet Literacy - Ch 2. Key Terms

Most personal computers use a(n) ________________, which allows the user to interact with the computer by selecting graphical objects such as windows, menus, icons and buttons. mouse
Many computer devices such as mice, digital cameras, and printers connect to the computer via a(n) ________________. USB port
The________________ are the collection of letter and number keys on a keyboard. Alph numeric keys
The row of command keys across the top of a keyboard (typically labeled F1, F2 and so on) are known as ________________. Functions keys
A(n) ________________ uses a beam of light from its underside and an image processor to track its motion across a flat surface. Optical mouse
Computers use a(n)________________ to accept input by allowing the user to place a fingertip directly on the computer screen. Touch screen
QR codes
The image of a page of text can be translated back into editable text in a computer by using a type of program called ________________. Optical character recognitons (OCR)
Special optical scanners called ________________ are used to analyze physical patterns in humans. Biometric scanners
The smallest area on a monitor that can be accessed and changed is a dot called a(n) ____________________. pixel
The ____________________ measures how close an LCD monitor can get to perfect black and white colors. contrast ratio
In most PCs, a device called the ____________________ sends information to the monitor for display on the screen. video card
A computer's ____________________ is a circuit board that converts sound from analog to digital and vice versa. sound card
Color inkjet printers that use the four colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black are known as ____________________ printers. CMYK
Laser printers use a black powder called ____________________ to create letters on a page. toner
A ____________________is a large-format printer that uses a robotic arm to draw with a set of colored pens or pencils. plotter
Digital projectors often use a technology called____________________, which shines light on a special computer chip containing thousands or millions of microscopic, individually controlled mirrors. digital light processing
A(n)____________________ combines input and projected output on a touch-sensitive white board. smartboard
Game console controllers sometimes employ____________________ to vibrate the controller in concert with events happening in the computer game. Haptic feedback
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