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AHS IBCA - Intro 2

AHS IBCA Intro 2

The printers in class are peripherals. True
Wrists should be even with the keyboard when typing. True
Typists should always wrap their feet around the legs of the chair to help them type faster. False
A DVD cannot be played on a CD ROM drive. True
Fingers should be curved and on home keys at all times. True
Palms should rest on the desk or keyboard. False
The CPU is housed outside the system unit. False
It is not important to keep things you need close to your computer. False
An adjustable chair will help with posture. True
The return/enter key is operated with the ; (sem) finger. True
Your screen (monitor) should be below you eye level for the best situation. False
When in home position, there are two keys left between your fingers. True
Keyboarding is only important for office jobs. False
Speed is more important than accuracy when learning new keys. False
It is important to keep your eyes on your copy (book) in order to increase speed and accuracy. True
Elbows should be relaxed and held at your sides. True
Poor posture does not cause fatigue and back problems. False
The space bar should always be hit with the left thumb. False
Home keys are: a s d f j k l ; True
Typewriters are used in many offices and schools today to teach keyboarding. False
Hands, arms, and wrists should be kept as motionless as possible when typing. True
The system unit is used to enter information into the computer. False
It is recommended that you look away from your book after keying a few words. False
A typist should sit about a hand span away from the keyboard. True
Feet should be kept flat on the floor when typing for accuracy and speed. True
It is important to strike the enter key in a slow motion to prevent errors. False
Your book should be kept at the side of your computer and at an angle. True
Your left hand controls the JKL; keys. False
A monitor is used to see what is being typed. True
After striking the return/enter key, it is important to look up to make sure you are at the right place. False
Created by: jodiesellers