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Computer & Internet Literacy - Ch 1. Key Terms

The general name for a single-user computer is a(n) ________________. personal computer
A computer designed to handle the needs and requests of thousands of users at a time is known as a(n) ________________. mainframe
When not in use, a(n) ________________ computer folds up for easy storage. laptop
A(n) ________________ combines a cellular phone with computer programs in a single device. smartphone
________________ PCs are flat computers that have a touch-sensitive screen that can accept input from a special pen or finger. Table
Though it may look like a desktop computer, a(n) ________________ is a device that provides access to a mainframe computer. dump terminal
The special pen used with touch-sensitive computer screens is known as a(n) ________________. stylus
Computers can be connected together with wires or wireless technology to create a(n) ________________. network
________________ are the most powerful computers ever created, linking hundreds of thousands of smaller computer processors together. Supercomputers
A(n) ________________ is similar in function and appearance to a smart phone, but lacks the telephone capability. PDA
computer system
A(n) ________________ is a set of data or program instructions that has been given a name. file
A(n) ________________ is the complete device that contains a disk. disk drive
Electronic instructions that tell the computer's hardware what to do are known as ________________. system software
A rectangular card containing microchips is known as a(n) ________________. circuit board
Data and program instructions are temporarily held in ________________ while the processor is using them. memor or RAM
The ________________ includes four stages: input, processing, output, and storage. information processing cycle
One ________________ is roughly equivalent to 1 million bytes of data. megabyte (MB)
Operating systems fall into the category of ________________ software. system
In a magnetic disk drive, a special device called the ________________ reads data from and writes data to a disk's surface. read/write head
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