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Father of His Country. American Cincinnatus. American Fabius George Washington
The Colossus of Independence. Old Rotundity. Old Sink or Swim John Adams
The Apostle of Democracy. The Sage of Monticello. The Man of the People Thomas Jefferson
Father of the Constitution. Little Jemmy. His Little Majesty James Madison (At 5'4" he is the shortest president)
The Era of Good Feelings President. The Last Cocked Hat James Monroe
Old Man Eloquent. The Abolitionist. The only American President to be elected to the House of Representatives after his Presidency. John Quincy Adams
Old Hickory. The Hero of New Orleans Andrew Jackson
Old Kinderhook. First language was Dutch, not English. Martin Van Buren
Old Tippecanoe. Washington of the West. Died within a month of being president. William Henry Harrison
His Accidency. Only President elected tothe Confederate Congress; but died before his term began. John Tyler
Young Hickory. The Napoleon of the Stump James K. Polk
Old Rough and Ready Zachary Taylor
American Louis Philippe Millard Fillmore
Handsome Frank Franklin Pierce
Old Public Functionary. Bachelor President James Buchanan
The Great Emancipator. The Rail-Splitter. First president to be assassinated. Shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater Abraham Lincoln
Tennessee Tailor. First President to be tried for impeachment. Impeachment failed by 1 vote. Andrew Johnson
Unconditional Surrender Ulysses Grant
Rutherfraud or His Fraudulency Rutherford B. Hayes
Boatman Jim. Second president to be assassinated. Shot by Charles Guiteau; died 3 months later. James Garfield
Chet. Gentleman Boss Chester A. Arthur
Uncle Jumbo. His Obstinacy. Only president to serve two non-consecutive terms Grover Cleveland
Human Iceberg. Little Ben. Grandson of William Henry Harrison Benjamin Harrison
The Napoleon of Protection. 3rd President to be assassinated. Shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition William McKinley
The Lion. TR. The Hero of San Juan. Trustbuster Theodore Roosevelt
Big Chief. Big Lub. Only president to serve on the Supreme Court; he was the Chief Justice during the 1920s William Howard Taft
The Phrasemaker. The Schoolmaster. Woodrow Wilson
Wobbly Warren. Died of a cerebral hemorrhage. His presidency was plagued by the Teapot Dome Scandal; though he had no direct knowledge of it. Warren G. Harding
Cautious Cal. Silent Cal Calvin Coolidge
The Great Engineer. The Great Humanitarian. The Chief Herbert Hoover
FDR. Only president elected 4 times. Died at the beginning of his 4th term. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Give 'Em Hell Harry Harry Truman
Ike. Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during WW2 Dwight D. Eisenhower
Jack. JFK. 4th President to be assassinated. According to the Warren Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the shooting; but many doubts linger John F. Kennedy
Landslide. LBJ. Lyndon B. Johnson
Tricky Dicky. Only president to resign from office. Richard Nixon
Jerry. Mr. Nice Guy. Only person to never have been elected Vice-President or President. Gerald Ford
The Peanut Farmer Jimmy Carter
Dutch. Great Communicator. The Gipper, The Teflon President. Shot by John Hinckley Jr. but survived Ronald Reagan
Poppy. 41 George H.W. Bush
Bubba. Slick Willie. Comeback Kid. Big Dog. Second president tried for impeachment but was not convicted. Bill Clinton
Dubya. 43 George W. Bush
No Drama Barack Obama
Whiskey Rebellion occurred during his presidency. George Washington
His cabinet included Hamilton at Treasury Secretary and Jefferson as Secretary of State. His VP was John Adams George Washington
This president's home was Mount Vernon George Washington
The Quasi-War with France occurred during his presidency John Adams
State that gave birth to the most presidents Virginia (8)
1st president to be born a citizen of the United States and not a British subject. Martin Van Buren
This president's home was Monticello Thomas Jefferson
This president's home was Sagamore Hill Theodore Roosevelt
While Illinois may be the Land of Lincoln, Lincoln was born in this state Kentucky
Although incorrect, local belief claims that his man was President for one day David Rice Atchison
First president born in Hawaii Barack Obama
His presidency saw the 9/11 attacks, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Hurricane Katrina, and the 2008 Recession George W. Bush
His presidency saw the passing of the Affordable Care Act, the Stimulus, Dodd-Frank Act. Barack Obama
This president appointed Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. A third appointment, Merrick Garland, is in limbo Barack Obama
This president appointed Samuel Alito and the current Chief Justice, John Roberts. George W. Bush
This president appointed Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court. Scalia passed away in early 2016 Ronald Reagan
The Watergate Scandal occurred during his presidency; forcing him to resign on August 8th, 1974 Richard Milhous Nixon
Namesake curse that plagued any president elected in a year ending in zero Tecumseh's Curse (Did not affect Presidents Reagan (1980) or George W. Bush (2000).)
His presidency saw the dot.com boom, the Bosnia and Kosovo Wars. He was tried for impeachment for the crime of perjury but as acquitted. Bill Clinton
Iran-Contra Scandal occurred during the Great Communicator's presidency Ronald Reagan
"Read My Lips: No New Taxes" came back to haunt this man's promise when taxes increased during this Presidency George Herbert Walker Bush
Gulf Storm (the 1st Iraq War) occurred during his presidency George Herbert Walker Bush
This president, stood near the Berlin Wall and proclaimed to the world, "Mr. Gorbachev 'Tear Down This Wall'" Ronald Reagan
"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself" was a quote from his 1st inauguration , in hopes to calm people's fears about the Great Depression Franklin Delano Roosevelt
"December 7th, 1941, a day which while live in infamy" were his words when asking Congress for a declaration of war against Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor Franklin Delano Roosevelt
"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" came from his first inauguration speech on January 20th, 1961 John Fitzgerald Kennedy
President whose domestic programs were called the Great Society. Included the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the creation of Medicaid and Medicare Lyndon Baines Johnson
President who escalated the Vietnam War in the 1960s; starting with the Golf of Tonkin Resolution Lyndon Baines Johnson
"That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth." were the closing remarks to his rather short Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln
This president was shot by Charles Guiteau, who was upset he was not given political office from this man. This president died a few months later due to infection from the gunshot James Garfield
This anarchist, Leon Czologz, shot this man at the Pan-American exposition in Buffalo, NY in 1901. This president's death gave way to President Theodore Roosevelt William McKinley
He was the youngest man ever to be President (he inherited the office though) Theodore Roosevelt
He was the youngest man ELECTED President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
This president's legacy has been dubbed Camelot John Fitzgerald Kennedy
The failed Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis were key points of this man's presidency John Fitzgerald Kennedy
In a rather surprise move, he appointed his brother, Robert, to be his Attorney General John Fitzgerald Kennedy
His vice-president was Dick Cheney George W. Bush
His vice-president was Al Gore Bill Clinton
His vice-president was Dan Quayle George H.W. Bush
His vice-president was George H.W. Bush Ronald Reagan
His vice-president was Richard M. Nixon Dwight D. Eisenhower
This man had three different vice-presidents: John Nance Garner, Henry Wallace and Harry S Truman Franklin Delano Roosevelt
This former president of Princeton and NJ governor said it would be the great irony of his presidency dealt with foreign, rather than domestic, issues. He was proven right because of World War I. Woodrow Wilson
His progressive presidency saw the passing of the 16th Amendment (Income Tax) and the creation of the Federal Reserve System Woodrow Wilson
His progressive presidency saw the passing of the 17th Amendment (Direct Election of US Senators) Woodrow Wilson
This president fought and won his battle against the 2nd National Bank of the United States Andrew Jackson
President on the Two Dollar Bill Thomas Jefferson
President who was affected by the Whiskey Ring and Credit Mobilier scandals Ulysses S. Grant
President whose legacy was tarnished by the Teapot Dome Scandal, which came to light after his death in office Warren G. Harding
This man was the governor of Massachusetts and Harding's VP before becoming president in 1923. He was the only president born on the Fourth of July Calvin Coolidge
Before President Obama visited Cuba in 2016; he was the last sitting US President to visit the island; doing so in 1928 Calvin Coolidge
President who signed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) into law in 1970 Richard M. Nixon
His National Security Adviser and Secretary of State was Henry Kissinger; he drafted the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 which ended the US role in Vietnam Richard M. Nixon
Dubbed His Accidency upon taking over the presidency after the death of William Henry Harrison. He later joined the Confederacy Congress at the start of the Civil War John Tyler
President who removed Union forces out of the South; ending Reconstruction in 1877 Rutherford B. Hayes
The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act which established that positions within the federal government should be awarded on the basis of merit instead of political affiliation was signed by this president in 1883 Chester A. Arthur
"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far!" was a favorite quote by this President, known by such nicknames as TR, The Lion and the Trustbuster Theodore Roosevelt
This President pushed for the creation of the Panama Canal in 1903 Theodore Roosevelt
This president sent the Great White Fleet around the world in 1907; showing off American naval might Theodore Roosevelt
This president won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905 for helping to end the Russo-Japanese War in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Theodore Roosevelt
This president was the handpicked successor to Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was disappointed with this man and ran against him and Woodrow Wilson in 1912 William Howard Taft
This president later became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; a job he cherished much more than the Presidency William Howard Taft
His presidency saw the Louisiana Purchase, the Barbary Wars against Tripoli and the Embargo Act against England Thomas Jefferson
His presidency was marked by the War of 1812 (1812-1814) James Madison
This president's namesake doctrine warn European nations to not interfere in the Western Hemisphere James Monroe (Monroe Doctrine)
While president for only one term, it was most significant. The US gained the Oregon Territory and defeated Mexico in war. The US received the entire American southwest from Mexico as a result. James Knox Polk
President who previously defeated Tecumseh at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. Died a month into office William Henry Harrison
The oldest man ever elected president at age 69 (re-elected at age 73) Ronald Reagan
His presidency was highlighted by stagflation and the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Famous for giving his 'Malaise speech' to the public, though the word malaise was never uttered Jimmy Carter
This president was in charge of the Food Administration during World War I. Later, he was Secretary of Commerce under Harding and Coolidge Herbert C. Hoover
Due to this president never having been married, some believe he was the first gay president, due to his close relationship with Rufus King. He is most remember for his failure to prevent the Southern states from seceding in 1860-1861 James Buchanan
This president was known as a doughboy; a Northern with pro-Southern views. He is often forgotten in modern times. He was nicknamed Handsome Frank Franklin Pierce
This general was of the Mexican War. He died from a stomach illness; one that could have been caused by eating raw fruit and drinking iced milk. Millard Fillmore took over as President Zachary Taylor
Originally the VP for Zachary Taylor, his presidency is most noted for the Great Compromise of 1850; which admitted California as a free state and the creation of the Fugitive Slave Act Millard Fillmore
This man was shot while giving a speech in Milwaukee in 1912. He had previously served 8 years as president and was running for a third term. Despite being shot, he still gave his speech to the audience. Theodore Roosevelt
His presidency saw the Korean War, the use of the atomic bomb on Japan and the start of the Cold War. Harry S Truman
This man's domestic policies were known as the Square Deal Theodore Roosevelt
His many Great Depression programs were called the New Deal Franklin Delano Roosevelt
This man's domestic policies were known as the Fair Deal Harry S Truman
He was the first American president to visit Hiroshima; visiting there in May of 2016 Barack Obama
His presidency saw the creation of the Interstate Highway System Dwight D. Eisenhower
Some of this man's New Deal programs and legislation included Social Security, the Wagner Act, Glass-Steagall Act and the Tennessee Valley Authority Franklin Delano Roosevelt
He appointed Frances Perkins as his Secretary of Labor; the first woman ever appointed to a presidential cabinet Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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