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YGK Afr Rivers/Lakes

YGK African Rivers/Lakes

Usually cited as the longest river in the world, it flows about 4,132 miles in a generally south-to-north direction from its headwaters in Burundi to Egypt's Mediterranean Sea coast, where it forms a prototypical delta. Nile River
Africa's second-longest river, it flows in a counterclockwise arc some 2,900 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. Congo River
Weaving across southern Africa, it rises in eastern Angola, passes through Zambia, flows along the borders of Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, crosses through Mozambique, and enters the Indian Ocean's Mozambique Channel near Chinde Zambezi River
Africa's third-longest, it flows in a great clockwise arc through Guinea, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria before entering the Gulf of Guinea. The medieval Mali and Songhai Empires were centered here, whose course was mapped by Scottish explorer Mungo Park. Niger RIver
Rising as the Crocodile River in South Africa's Witwatersrand region, it forms the Transvaal's border with Botswana and Zimbabwe, then crosses through Mozambique. Deforestation in Mozambique contributed to massive flooding in 2000. Limpopo River
Flows for about 1,000 miles from central Angola, through Namibia's Caprivi Strip, and into the Kalahari Desert of Botswana. There, rather than flowing into the sea, it terminates in a massive inland swamp Okavango River
The world's second-largest freshwater lake by area, it lies along the Equator and is shared between Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Located on a plateau between two rift valleys, its lone outlet is the Victoria Nile, a precursor of the White Nile Lake Victoria
Africa's 2nd-largest lake by area, it is also 2nd-deepest in the world, surpassed only by Lake Baikal. Due its extreme depth it contains seven times as much water as Lake Victoria. Lake Tanganyika
Africa's third-largest lake by area and the southernmost of the Great Rift Valley lakes, it is wedged between the nations of Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique. Fed by the Ruhuhu River, its lone outlet is the Shire River, a tributary of the Zambezi Lake Malawi
The largest manmade lake, by area, in the world, it was created by the construction of Ghana's Akosombo Dam across the Volta River in the 1960s Lake Volta
Formerly Africa's fourth-largest lake, its surface area has been reduced by over 90% since the 1960s due to droughts and diversion of water from such sources as the Chari River. Lake Chad
Canal that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Arabian Sea Suez Canal
Narrow strip of water between Morocco and Spain Strait of Gibraltar
Created by: Mr_Morman