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IDT Programming Unit

Programming Unit Vocabulary

conditional an if/then statement that allows the sprite to perform an action if specific conditions exist
Blocks are dragged onto the scripts area to add a function or command
event when pressing a button causes something to happen
sprite the characters that can move and be manipulated
script instructions or directions that make things happen and are attached to sprites - color coded
coding writing the step-by-step instructions to tell the computer what to do
debugging tracking down errors in a computer program
algorithm a programming process that requires you to write clearly defined steps in order to perform a task
forever loops tells the computer to do the same thing over and over and over
if/then statements Used In Boolean logic, a conditional statement allows a computer to perform different actions based on a condition being true or false
sequence The concept that one block/line of code is executed before another
costumes allow the program to simulate movement and are the different positions a sprite can take
variables is used to store information, such as timer, score keeper, counters, etc.
coordinates To put a sprite in a particular spot, or to find out its exact location or to pinpoint a sprite’s position on the stage using an x,y grid. 
stack a group of blocks that are grouped together to perform a function or action
scratch is a programming language that allows you to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art
broadcasting allows you to send messages between sprites
tips window allows you to complete tutorials, provides descriptions of the different blocks, as well as provides instructions to complete different activities using scratch.
project editor where you create scratch projects
stage where you can create different backgrounds or backdrops
Created by: janice ritchey