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Mac Desktop

Understanding the Mac Desktop

drop down A menu that drops down below its title that allows you to choose one item from a list.
fly out A secondary menu indicated by a black triangle that displays a list of choices related to what you're doing.
pop up A menu that appears when you control-click or on an icon.
sticky menu A fixed navigation menu that stays stuck to the screen when you let go of the mouse or scroll down the page on a website.
icon A small picture of a program or file that opens or runs when you click on it.
indicator light A blue light under a program icon showing that the program is open and running.
ellipsis ... after a menu choice indicating that a dialogue box will appear
dialogue box A box, called up temporarily on the screen, that asks for user input or displays information.
Finder An application that runs the Mac desktop..
Desktop The primary user interface of a computer (like your base of operations).
force quit The short cut, option+apple+escape, that lets a user end a frozen program.
folder Usually blue, these store documents, files or other folders.
file A collection of data stored in one unit, such as text, photo, video, or sound.
dock A tray of icons giving one-click access to programs and files you use frequently.
menu bar Usually at the top of a window, this user interface contains commands and options you can select to affect the program you are currently using
Created by: mcote