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Humanities part 2

p play softly
ff foortissiom or very loud
cres increase volume
decres play softer
rit slow down
Shostakovich Russian composer
Giacomo Puccini Madama Butterfly
Madama Butterfly is an opera:in it he dramatized the tale of a young Japanese bride first wooed and then abandone by an American naval lieutenant
Giacomo Puccini La Boheme
La Boheme opera about a colony of poor artists
Giacomo Puccini Tosca
Tosca is an opera about a nineteeth-century singer in Rome
Verdi Aide
Aida opera about an Afrian princess in Egypt
The Last if the Mohicans refers to upstate New York during the eighteenth century
The History of the Dividing Line deals with defining the border between Virginia and NC during the late eighteenth century
On Plymouth Plantation is a document written on colonial Massachusettes
Huckleberry Finn involves Illinois and the shores of Lowa on the Mississippi River
My Antonia deals with frontier life in the Midwest during the nineteenth century
Journey to the Center of the Earth the description it given of Iceland is so accurate that travelers were urged to use the book as a travel guide
The myserious Island Stevenson
Robinson Crusoe Defoe
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Verne
Gulliver's Travels political satire writen by Swift
Symbolism is the visualization of a play's idea through special scenic treatment
Expressionism is exaggerated symbolism. It usually disorts the scenic elements
Impressionism attempts to enable the audience to see through the character's eyes.
Realism realistic setting
Form Follows Function Louis Sullivan
Siren are female characters from Greek mythology
Atlantes are supports in post-and-lintel architecture which are carved in initation of male figures
Corinthian Columns are an order of Greek architecture and are distingushed by bell shaped capitals carved with acanthus tendrils
Caryatids are supports in post-and-lintel architecture which are carved in imitation of female figures
Shakespeare and Milton wrote is what poems in what style? iambic pentameter
Et tu, Brute Julius Caesar
Billy Budd involves a hanging at sea
In Cold Blood involves the hanging of a murderer in the 1950's
The Oxbow Incident involves a hanging in hte Wild West
An occurrence at Owl Creek bridge involves an impromptu executin during the Civil War
Henry Moore was a sculptor
Which novel by Dickens, does a convict become the benefactor of an orphan boy? Great Expecrations
One of the greatest New England poets of the twentieth century was: Robert Frost
One of the greatest New York poets of the twentieth century was: Walt Whitman
T.S. Eliot is the famous American expatriate poet
H.L. Mencken A Maryland jouralist aslo wrote a famous work about American language and culture
The American Language H.L. Mencken
ee cummings is a famous American poet
A.E. Hotchner is a contemporary science fiction writer
Most of Bach's organ and vocel music was composed for Church
The works of Sir Walter Scott are generally considered part of which literary period Romantic
Sir Walter Scott Ivanhoe, Kenilworth and The Waverly Novels
Porgy and Bess George Gershwin
The barber of Seville Rossini
Carmen Bizet
Tristan and Isolde Wagner
On the Town Bernstein
Rigoletto Verdi
Don Giovanni Mozart
was a surrealist artist Salvador Dali
An opera of the famous Spanish nobleman who lived to seek pleasure: Don Giovanni
An opera which portrays the lives and struggles of black Americans in the South; Porgy and Bess
Carpe Diem: Seize the day
Epiphany is a James Joyce term for a sudden enlightenment
Euphenism is a grandios term for a simple idea
Euphony means sounds pleasant to the ear
Cacophaony means sound unpleasant to the ear
According to Aristole, what are important elements in the structure of a play? Plot, Beginning, Middle and End
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