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Onur midterm

Onur midterm- (For best results, study Onur Quiz 1 and 2 also.)

Chen Pi-functions Treats MJ Qi stag. and MJ damp. (1. Tonify SP, move qi, reg MJ, dry damp, 2. Dissolve phlegm(LU) & stop cough)
Which drugs must be used with caution if the patient is taking epinephroid drugs? The Citris herbs
Chen Pi + Ban Xia Er Chen tang for Phlegm
Chen Pi + Qing Pi Mutual enhancement to Move Qi.
Mu Xiang-functions 1. Tonify Sp, move Qi, reg MJ, Relieve Pain, 2. -Prevent stag./protects SP from tonifying herbs (TENESMUS)
Zhi Shi-functions 1. Break up qi stag, reduce clumps, direct qi down, treat food stag., 2. Tx: phlegm and Chest Oppression(Chest Bi)
Which herb is the immature bitter orange(whole fruit)? Zhi Shi
Which Herb treats "Psychic sausage?" Zhi Shi(Qi stagnation causing constipation)
Da Fu pi-functions 1. Direct qi down, relieve abdom distn, 2. Promote urination, reduce edema
Which herb enforces that LI is a one-way street and you have to keep moving? Da Fu Pi
Chen Xiang-functions 1. Move Qi & relieve pain(in chest, epigas, abdom, 2. Descend rebellious Qi, warm MJ, 3. Aid kidney to grasp LU qi

Shi Di-functions Hiccups and Belching
Qing Pi-functions Disperse liver Qi, break up stagnation- For LR QI YU, Pain Hypo pain, breast distension**, cold-type hernia disorder & inguinal pain,Severe food stag
Which is the strongest Qi mover Qing Pi
Chuan Lian Zi-main function 1. Moves and regulates Qi, Stops Pain 2.kills parasites and fungus. Also clears heat.
Is Chuan Lian Zi Warm or Cold? COLD
Xiang Fu-functions 1. Disperse Liver Qi, relieve pain, 2.Regulate menses, alleviate pain
Xiang Fu + Dang gui Reg menses,HZ circulation of Qi/Blood, tx: PMS
Xiang Fu + Yi mu cao Regs menses, PMS w/ blood stag predominant
Wu Yao-functions 1. Expel cold, move qi, relieve pain(Esp. SPASMING Pain) 2. Warm the kidney, stop leakage
Zhi Ke-functions Gentler than Zhi shi Zhi shi → MJ & intestines Zhi ke → MJ & chest
Which is more gentle? Zhi Shi or Zhi Ke? Zhi Ke
Xie Bai-functions 1. Unblock the Yang qi of the chest, dispel cold-phlegm(Chest Bi), 2. Warm intestines+ Move bowels
XieBai + Gua lou Chest Bi
Ji Nei Jin-functions 1. Tonify Sp, dissolve knotted food & dissolve stones(any), 2. Bind essence/ restrain leakage of urine and sperm.
Shan Zha-functions 1. Food stagnation , 2. Stop diarrhea – Charred (Tan), 3. Invigorate blood, dispel stasis(lochia, amenorrhea)
Which herbs are considered "Happy Grease cutting cleaners that unroot phlegm.” Shan Zha, Hong Gu Mi
Hong Gu Mi-functions 1. Food stagnation & tonify SP , 2. Invigorate blood, dispel stasis
Lai Fu Zi-functions 1. Food stagnation , 2. Descend LU Qi, transform phlegm(cough/wheez)
Shen Qu-functions 1. Relieve food stagnation & HZ MJ. Treats stagnation of grains and heavy minerals.
Mai Ya and Gu Ya functions 1. Relieve food stagnation, HZ MJ, tonify SP/ST, 2. Mai Ya can stop breast milk.
Da Ji-functions 1. Cools Blood, Stops Bleeding
, 2 Relieve toxicity, gen flesh, 3.Clear LR heat, reduce HTN
Which herb has the widest action for any bleeding problem? Da Ji
Di yu-functions 1. Cools Blood and Stops Bleeding
(Esp Lower Jiao) 2. Relieve toxicity & generate flesh
Which 2 herbs are Esp useful for inflammatory bowel disease w/ chronic bloody stool. Di Yu, Huai Hua Mi
Huai Hua Mi-functions 1. Cools Blood and Stops Bleeding
(Esp Lower Jiao), 2. Clear LR heat, reduce HTN
Which 3 herbs Cool Blood to Stop Bleeding; Focus on Lower Jiao Di Yu, Huai Hua Mi, Bai Mao Gen
Bai Mao Gen-functions 1.Cool blood, stop bleeding, promote urin 
for Blood Lin
Ce Bai Ye-functions 1. Cool blood, stop bleeding 2. Expel phlegm & stop cough (-Cough w/ bloody sputum), 3. Topical for alopecia
Bai Ji-functions 1. Astringe to stop bleeding, 2. Clear toxicity, generate flesh
Which stop bleeding herb is Great for late-stage lung abscess, but CI in early-stage lung abscess? Bai Ji
Xian He Cao-functions 1. Astringe to stop bleeding 2. Vaginal douche for trichomonas.
Which is the main herb for spotting/ easy bruising d/t SP not holding blood? Xian He Cao
Which 3 herbs astringe to stop(mainly) uterine bleeding? Zong Lu Tan, Ou Jie Tan, Xue Yu Tan
San Qi-functions 1. Invigorate blood to stop bleeding & allev pain. BOTH INVIGORATES BLOOD to treat stag AND STOPS BLEEDING.
Pu Huang-functions 1. Raw: Invigorate blood to stop bleeding & allev pain(mostly internal)
What 2 herbs are in Sudden Smile powder and what does it treat? Pu Huang + Wu Ling Zhi . Treats pain in chest, ab, low ab.
Qian Cao Gen-functions 1. Invigorate + Also COOLs THE BLOOD, relieve pain, stop bleeding
Which herb is useful if there is blood heat and blood stasis combined? Qian Cao Gen
Ai Ye-functions 1. Warms meridians to stop bleeding (Counterintuitive), 2. Dispels cold to alleviate pain, 3. External wash for eczema & itching (hemorrhoidal wash) Also calms fetus.
Pao Jiang-functions 1. Warms meridians to stop bleeding
Chuang Xiong-functions 1. Invigorate Qi & Blood, Relieve Pain
(esp. GYN), 2. Expels Wind and Relieves Headache(esp Shaoyang and Jueyin.)
Chuan Xiong + Shi Gao Severe acute shaoyang HA(migraine)
Jiang Huang-functions 2. Guiding herb for upper back and shoulders (neck to elbows), 1. Break up qi & blood stasis, alleviate pain
Wu Ling Zhi-functions 1. Invigorate Qi & Blood, Relieve Pain(All pain anywhere), 2. Dispels Blood Stasis, Stop Bleeding
, 3. Topical - Insect & snake bites
What are the issues when using Wu Ling Zhi? CI during pregnancy, Antagonizes Ren Shen
Yan Hu Suo-functions 1. Move Qi and Blood, Relieve Pain(All types of pain"goes where everything else goes."), Also Reduce abdominal masses
What is the caution with Yan Hu Suo? CI during pregnancy
Wang Bu Liu Xing-functions 1. Move Blood, Open Jing luo, 2. Promote Lactation, Reduce Abscess & Swelling(PMS)
What is the caution with Wang Bu Liu Xing? CI during pregnancy & excessive bleeding. Can initiate labor
Ru Xiang & Mo Yao functions 1. Invigorate Qi & Blood, Relieve Pain, Relax Sinews, Unblock Collaterals, 2. Reduce Swelling & Gen. Flesh

What are the strongest blood movers? Ru Xiang, Mo Yao
What are the cautions with Ru Xiang, Mo Yao? CI during pregnancy. Caution w/ sensitive stomachs, may cause N/V.
What is the main difference between Ru Xiang and Mo Yao? Ru Xiang moves both Qi and blood, Mo Yao moves mostly blood.
Xue Jie-functions 1. Invig Blood, Dispel Stasis, Rel Pain. Traumatic injury w/ swelling and pain. Main for traumatic injury. 2. Stop Bldng,Gen Flesh, Aid Healing(GI bleeds and hemorrhoids)
What do San Qi and Xue Jie have in common? Both used topically to stop bleeding from trauma and for sprains.
Yu Jin-functions 1. Move Qi & Blood, Relieves Pain hypoch, GYN,Masses, Cirrhosis, enlarged LR/SP, Traumatic injury, 2. Clear HT, Open Orifices, 3. Treat Jaundice, Reduce Gallstones 
4. Clear Heat, Cool Blood, Stop Bleeding
Yu Jin + Shi Chang Pu Phlegm blocking HT orifice with cognitive dysfunction. (Alzheimers)
Yi Mu Cao-functions 1. Invig Blood, Dispel Stasis, Reduce Masses(Main herb for OB-Gyn Blood stag.) 2. Prom Urinatn, Reduce Swelling. (Also anti-hypertensive, Used in chronic nephritis.)
Yi Mu Cao + Xiang fu Reg menses, PMS w/ predominant Blood stag.
Ze Lan-functions 2. Promotes Urination, Reduces Swelling
 (acute or chronic edema esp. w/ blood in urine or stones) Milder than Yi Mu Cao., 1. Invigorates Blood, Dispels Stasis
Hong Hua-functions 1. Invigorate Blood, Dispel Stasis, Nourish blood
(GYN)Brings blood to the skin 2. Open Jing luo for joint pain or paralysis
Tao Ren-functions 1. Move Blood, Dispel Stasis
(Brings blood to areas for healing.) , 2. Moisten Intestines, Unblock Bowels

E Zhu-functions 1. Break up & Dispel Blood Stasis. Severe pain with palpable masses 2. Dissolves food Accum, Moves Qi and Blood
Compare San Leng and E Zhu. San Leng stronger to break up blood stasis, E zhu stronger to dispel qi stagnation –often combined.
San Leng-functions 1. Break up & Dispel Blood Stasis. 2. Dissolves Accumulations. Moves mostly blood.
Dan Shen-functions 1. Invigorate Blood/ Dispel Stasis, 
2. Clears HT Heat, Nourish Blood, Calm Spirit,3. Cool Blood, Reduce Swelling

Which Invig Blood herb treats-Toxic sores, swelling, breast abscess AND Ying/Xue heat – w/ mental symptoms or bleeding? Dan Shen
Which herb is considered a "one herb Si Wu Tang?" Dan Shen
Ji Xue Teng - functions 1. Move and Tonify Blood
, 2. Open Jing luo, Relax Sinews(numbness and pain)
Chuan Niu Xi-functions 1. Invigorate Blood, Dispel Stasis
(in lower parts), 2. Direct Blood & Fire Downward 3. Strengthen Li & Ki, Sinew & Bone 4. Treat Lin
Compare the Niu Xis. Chuan → stronger to move blood and dispel stasis. Huai → strongr to strengthen LR/KD, sinews & bones
Huai Niu Xi-functions 1. Strengthen Li & Ki, Sinew & Bone , 2. Invigorate Blood, Dispel Stasis*(in lower parts), 3. Direct Blood & Fire Downward 4. Treat Lin.
Fu Zi-functions 1.Restore Devastated Yang, 2.Tonify Fire, Assist The Yang , 3.Dispers cold, warm channels, allev pain
Which herb kicks your butt back into life? Fu Zi
Rou Gui-functions 1.Tonify & guide Fire back to Mingmen , 2. Disperse cold, warm channels, allev pain
Rou Gui + Huang Lian Heat above and cold below(inc. one version of HT/KD Disharmony)
Gan Jiang-functions 1.Warm MJ, expel cold
2. Warm lung, transform congested fluids-Asthma, cough, wheez-d/t hidden cold congested fluids in Lu)3. Restore devastated Yang w/ Fu Zi
Wu Zhu Yu-functions 1. Disperse cold, alleviate pain*LR channel cold stag - Vertex HA, hernia pain, GYN pain 2. Soothe LR, descend rebel Qi, 3. Tonify Ki&Sp Yang, bind intestines
What is the main organ associated with Wu Zhu Yu? Liver
Long Gu-functions 1. Sedate HT, 2. Anchor LR Yang, 3. Restrain KD leakage. Long Gu + Mu Li
Ci Shi-functions 1. LR- Anchor Liver Yang , 2. HT- Sedate HT, harmonize HT/KD, 3. LR & KD - Improve vision/hearing, 4. KD - Assist Kidney to grasp LU Qi
Hu Po-functions 1. LR- Anchor Liver Yang , 2. HT- Sedate HT, harmonize HT/KD, 3. UB- Prom urination(Stone Lin)
Which herb is esp. good for dream-disturbed sleep and nightmares? Hu Po
Suan Zao Ren-functions 1. Nourish Heart blood & Liver, Calm Spirit
Bai Zi Ren-functions 1. Nourish Heart Blood, Calm Spirit, 2. Moisten intestines, ease BM.
What aspect of the heart do Suan Zao Ren, Bai Zi Ren, and Ye Jiao Teng nourish? HT Blood
Ye Jiao Teng-functions 1. Nourish HT blood, Soothe LR, Calm Spirit, 2. Open Jing luo for pain/numbness
Which herb is from the vine of He Shou Wu? Ye Jiao Teng
Yuan Zhi-functions 1. Soothe HT, connect HT/KD, calm shen, 2. Expel phlegm, open heart’s orifices.
He Huan pi-functions 1. Soothe Liver and calm spirit, 2. Invigorate blood, reduce swelling(aux for trauma.)
Which herb is good for restless sleep ? He Huan Pi
Shi Chang Pu-functions 1. Open Orifice, Calm Spirit(Disorientation & confusion,seizures,diminished vision and hearing.) 2. Transform Damp, Harmonize St.
Shi Chang Pu + Chan tui Wind phlegm causing tremors and convulsions.
Shi Chang Pu + Yu jin Phlegm obstruction obstructing orifice =>confusion, memory loss, Alzheimer's
Shi Jue Ming-functions 1. Subdue liver, Anchor Yang, 2. Clear liver heat, brighten eyes. (Also calms shen)
Which 2 shells are anti-hypertensive? Shi Jue Ming, Zhen Zhu Mu
Zhen Zhu Mu-functions 1. Subdue liver, anchor yang, sedate heart, calm pirit. 2. Clear liver heat,brighten eyes, 3. Topical for damp/itchy skin
Mu LI-functions 1. Subdue liver, anchor yang, 2. Soften hardness, dissipate nodules, 3. Astringe & restrain leak of essence, 4. Reduce stomach acid, relieve reflux 5. Calms Shen
Dai Zhe Shi-functions 2. Descend rebel Qi (ST, also LU)1. Subdue liver, anchor yang
Dai Zhe Shi+Xuan fu hua Descends rebelious ST Qi. Dai zhe xuan fu tang
Quan Xie-functions 1. Extinguish wind, stop tremors, 2. Unblock collaterals, alleviate pain, (SEVERE/STUBBORN PAIN) 3. Dissipate toxic nodules -topical
Quan Xie + Wu gong Potentiate each other to ext. wind, treat sever, stubborn, pain.
Wu Gong-functions 1. Extinguish wind, stop tremors, 2. Unblock collaterals, alleviate pain, (SEVERE/STUBBORN PAIN) 3. Dissipate toxic nodules -topical
Which is more toxic and potent? Quan Xie or Wu Gong? Wu Gong
Di Long-functions 1. Clear heat, extinguish wind, 2. Unblock collaterals, alleviate pain, 3. Clear lung heat, calm wheezing(Best Sub for MaHuang)4. Promote urination(Heat Lin)
Jiang Can-functions 1. Extinguish wind, transform phlegm, stop tremors, 2. Dispel wind-heat, relieve toxicity
Tian Ma-functions 1. Extinguish wind, stop tremors, 2. Subdue liver, anchor yang, 3. Expel wind, unblock collaterals,
What are the similarities between Tian Ma and Gou Teng? Both 1. Extinguish wind, stop tremors, 2. Subdue liver, anchor yang. Both are anti-hypertensives.
What are the differences between Tian Ma and Gou Teng? Tian Ma stronger to unblock collaterals. Gou Teng stronger to clear heat(cold).
Gou Teng-functions 1. Extinguish wind, stop tremors, 2. Subdue liver, anchor yang
Bai Ji Li-functions 2. Disperse wind-heat, clear liver heat(itchy EYES AND SKIN)1. Subdue liver, soothe liver Qi
Ling Yang Jiao 1. Extinguish wind, stop tremors from Fever or LR Yang 2. Clear heat and relieve toxicity w/ mental symptoms 3. Clear liver heat, benefit eyes
Ren Shen -Ginseng Root 1.Strongly Tonify Yuan Qi
 2.Tonify Spleen, Stomach
and Lung Qi 3. Gen. fluid, allev thirst.
Tai Zi -Shen Pseudostellaria 1. Tonify Sp & Lu Qi, generate fluid. Mild version of Ren Shen
Dang Shen -Codonopsis Root 1. Tonify Sp & Lu Qi (Similar to Ren Shen, but weaker, less hot)
What temp is Dang Shen? Neutral.
Bai Zhu -White Atractylodes Rhizome 1. Tonify SP, increase T&T, dry damp
, 2. Tonify Wei Qi, Stop Sweat
, 3. Stabilize MJ, Calm Fetus

Which herb is a "back -up SP?" Bai Zhu
Huang Qi Astragalus 1. TONIFY Qi, RAISE & ACTIVATE Yang Qi , 2. Tonify Wei Qi, Seal Ext 3. Expel Pus, Gen. Flesh
 4. Promote Urin tx: Edema

Huang Qi + Dang Gui Dang gui bu xue tang(6:1, Huang Qi to Ren to Dang Gui)Tonify Qi to nourish blood.
Xi Yang Shen -American Ginseng Root 1. Tonify Qi, Nourish Yin/moistens, Clear Heat
Shan Yao -Chinese Yam / Dioscorea Rhizome 1. Tonify Qi & nourish Yin, 2. Bind the essence
Huang Jing -Siberian Polygonatum Rhizome 1. Tonify Qi & nourish Yin
Gan Cao -Licorice Root 1. Tonify SP & Strengthen Qi
(SP/HT), 2. Moisten Lung, Stops Cough, 3. Soften Spasm/Allev. Pain
, 4. Clear Heat, Reduce Fire Toxins, 5. Harmonize formulas,
 GanCao + Bai shao
Da Zao -Chinese Date / Jujube 1. Tonifies SP & Strengthen Qi
, 2. Nourish Blood & Calm Spirit , 3. Mod. other herbs, protect MJ
Dang Gui -Chinese Angelica Root 1. Nourish Blood, 2. Gently Move Bld, Allev Pain, 3. Decrease Swelling, Gen Flesh

Bai Shao -White Peony Root 1. Nourish Blood,Preserve Ying 2. Soften & Soothe Liver, Allev Pain 3. Calm Liver Yang, ext. wind
Shu Di Huang -Rehmannia Rt 1. Strongly Nourish Blood(and fill the blood), 2. Nourish Kidney & Liver Yin
, 3. Nourish ESSENCE, Generate MARROW
 4. Aid Kidney to Grasp Lung Qi

He Shou Wu -Polygonum Rt 1. Nourish Blood, Nourish Essence, 2. Relieve Phlegm Toxicity
, 3. Moisten Intestines

Gou Qi Zi -Chinese Wolfberry Fruit 1. Nourish Blood, Nourish Essence
(esp. EYES), 2. Moisten Lung

Sang Shen -Mulberry Fruit 1. Nourish Blood & Essence(graying hair),2. Gen.Fluids – Xiao Ke, 3. Moisten Intestines

E Jiao -Ass Hide Glue 1. Nourish Blood AND Stops Bleeding, 2. Nourish Yin, Moisten Dryness
(esp. LU, and Yin)3. Calms shen(irritability/insomnia)by nourish blood.
Long Yan Rou -Longan Fruit 1. Nourish Heart Blood, Tonify SP Qi, calms shen
BaiZhu + Zhi shi Fullness in Abdomen and Epigastrium.(Zhi zhu tang)
Which are the cool/cold herbs that treat Qi stagnation? Zhi Zhi, Da Fu Pi, Chuan LIan Zi and Zhi ke
Which herbs are "potent stasis crackers for stubborn conditions and hard immovable masses?" E Zhu, San Leng
Ling Yang Jiao + Xi Jiao Clear heat, cool blood to stop convulsion due to febrile disease
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