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What is diarrhea? The passage of loose or watery stools.
What are the major etiologies related to diarrhea? Invasion of external pathogens; improper diet; emotional stress; factors leading to Spleen xu; Kidney yang xu
Describe the pathology of diarrhea. It mainly involves excess dampness, Spleen and Stomach dysfunction, impairment of the LI's transporting function and failure to separate clear and turbid substances.
What are the crucial points in diagnosing diarrhea? Determine whether the condition is mild or severe, acute or chronic; differentiate between cold/heat and xu/shi conditions; identify other types of conditions
What is the basic treament strategy for treating diarrhea? Strengthen the Spleen and transform dampness
What should be avoided in acute diarrhea due to external invasion of pathogens? Tonics and astringents in order to prevent evil qi from penetrating more deeply into the body
What should be used cautiously in chronic diarrhea? Substances that promote urination to eliminate dampness in order to avoid injury to yin or fluids
What are the three patterns associated with acute diarrhea? External damp-cold diarrhea; external damp-heat diarrhea; retention of food diarrhea
Which is the most common form of acute diarrhea? External damp-cold diarrhea
What are the s/s, treatment principle and formula for external damp-cold diarrhea? Acute onset, watery stool, abd pain, boborygmus, aversion to cold, h/a, heavy body, low appetite, nausea, fatigue, foggy head, T:twc, P:slow,soft; Transform dampness, dispel cold, release the exterior and harmonize the middle jiao w/Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San
What are the s/s, treatment principle and formula for external damp-heat diarrhea? Acute onset, urgency, abd pain/cramps, sticky stool w/foul odor, burning anus, irritability, thirst, dark scanty urine, T:greasy ytc, P:soft rapid or slippery rapid; Clear heat, eliminate dampness and relieve diarrhea w/Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang
What are the s/s, treatment principle and formula for retention of food diarrhea? Improper eating causing frequent loose stools w/foul odor and undigested food, abd pain relieved by BM, belching w/foul odor, low appetite, T:thick turbid greasy tc, P:slippery; Disperse food, eliminate stagnation and relieve diarrhea w/Bao He Wan
What are the three patterns associated with chronic diarrhea? Spleen xu diarrhea; Kidney and Spleen yang xu diarrhea; Disharmony of Liver and Spleen
What are the s/s, treatment principle and formula for Spleen xu diarrhea? Loose stool w/undigested food, increased frequency, worse w/poor diet or exertion, pale face, fatigue, low appetite, abd distension, T:pale w/twc, P:weak,thin; Strengthen the Spleen, augment qi, leach out dampness and stop diarrhea w/Shen Ling Bai Zhu San
What are the s/s, treatment principle and formula for Kidney and Spleen yang xu diarrhea? A.m. diarrhea, worse w/cold food or weather, poor appetite, fatigue, cold intolerance, sore low back and knees, T:pale w/wtc, P:deep,thin; Warm and tonify the SP and KD, bind up the intestine and stop diarrhea w/ Si Shen Wan
What are the s/s, treatment principle and formula for disharmony of Liver and Spleen? Diarrhea worse w/emotional strain, hypochondriac distension, belching, poor appetite, T:pale or red, P:thin, wiry or weak; Soothe the Liver, support the Spleen and relieve diarrhea w/ Tong Xie Yao Fang
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