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Stack #213271

Jonathan Edwards The sermon
To which period do Debussy and Renoir belong? Impressionist
To which period do Michelangelo and Monteverdi belong? Renaissance
To which period do Delacroix and Brahms belong? Romantic
Which person wrote Do not go gently into that good night? Dylan Thomas
Gulliver Travels Jonathan Swift
If one character could be blamed for the tragic events that unfold in Romeo and Juliet, who would it be? Friar Lawrence
In ballet, the term port de bras refers to: A group of exercises for the arms
In ballet, the term epaulements refers to: movement of the head shoulders and upper torso
In ballet, the term alignment refers to: all body parts in correct relative position with one another
In ballet, the term exercises au milieu refers to: exercises that help develop coordination, control and balance while alternating your feet
In ballet, the term attitude refers to: a pose standing on 1 leg while the other leg is raised up, turned out and bent with the foot open in the opposite direction of the body
What is glissade? Placing and applying body weight to one foot that is against the floor while sliding the other into fifth position
What is Pas de chat? Quick springing movement that resembles a cat walk by alternating feet
fourth position? Positioning one foot in front of the other while the feet remain one step apart
What is improper balance? weight proportioned incorreclty, creating the body to shift and lean in that direction
What is a demi-rond de jambe? one leg lifted at a 45 degree angle rotation from front to outer side, from back to inner side
Frida Kablo used goddness to emphasize her identifcation with: pre-Columbian art
A scale compsed of half steps is a _______ scale. Chromatic
Th biographer who wroteThe Life of Samuel Johnson was: James Boswell
Alexander Dumas The three Musketeers
One of the greater English poetr laureater of the early ninteenth century was? Alfred Tennyson
This painter was not an impressionist: Van Gogh
Maggie Tulliver, Dorothea Brooke, and Silas Marner are character creater by? George Eliot
Describe Apollo: He is the good of the sun, the patron of poetry and the ideal of male beauty
Describe Dionysus; The god of revelry and wine, he later became patron of hte theater
The Scarlet Letter in which Puritan justice is seen as harsh, overractive and heartless
Who is the critically acclaimed director who is responsible for films like Titanic and the Terminator John Carpenter
James Joyce Ulysses
Who wrote The Prince? Niccolo Machiavelli
Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights
Who is sometimes call a tragic hero, is also recognized as the villain of John Milton's epic Paradise Lost? Satan
Matthew Brady The Red Badge of Courage
In music adnate means: Slow
The central theme is a boat journey up a river in Africa Heart of Darkness
In what city is the Prado found? Madrid
What artist used pointillism? Seurat
George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion was the basis for which movie? My Fair Lady
Who is the author that is frequently referred to as the father if detective fiction, due to his stories that feature Auguste Dupin? Edgar Allen Poe
Simile: is a literary device which uses the word like to compare two often unlike things
Personification: is a literary device which given human characteristice to inanimate objects or animals
Apostrophe: is the act of addressing someone or something directly in a poem
Alliteration: is a device that repeates the initial consonantes (or vowels) as in crowing cocks
Onomatopoeia: uses verbs that sound like the actiov, as in ooze
Conceit: is a term connected with the metaphysical poet like John Donne, where outrageous comparisons are made between unlike objects
School of Athens Raphael
Annunciation Fra Angelico
Lamentation Giotto
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