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Stems Lists

MIR wonder
MEL honey
XENO stranger
MORPH shape
PSYCH soul
ANN year
BIO life
AN not/without
EQUI equal
TRACT pull
HAGIO saint
BELL war
GRAPH write
PAR equal
FIC make
AB away
DIS away
TIG touching
PUNCT point
ALGIA pain
MIRABILE DICTU wonderful to say
XENOPHOBIA fear of foreigners
METAMORPHOSIS change in shape
METEMPSYCHOSIS transmigration of souls
ANNUAL yearly
BIOLOGY study of life
ANALGESIC painkiller
EQUILIBRIUM state of being in balance
EXTRACT to pull out
HAGIOGRAPHY saint’s biography
HAGIOGRAPHY saint’s biography
NONPAREIL something unequaled
MALEFIC causing harm
ABJURE renounce
PUNCTILIOUS scrupulous (precise)
ANALGESIC painkiller
NOM name
ACRO high
JECT throw
TRIB pay
ANTI against
SOMN sleep
NOMY law
CRYPT hidden
LUCT struggle
DIA across
INFRA beneath
CISE cut
LOGY science
GYN woman
SINE without
MIS hatred
TAUTO same
MISNOMER wrong name
PREROGATIVE exclusive privilege
ACRONYM initials name
ABJECT contemptible, low status
RETRIBUTION repayment in penalty
ANTITHESIS exact opposite
ANTINOMY paradox (contradiction of law)
CRYPTIC having hidden meaning
INELUCTABLE not escapable
DIATRIBE abusive speech
INFRA DIG beneath dignity
EXCISE to remove by surgical means
EPISTEMOLOGY study of knowledge
MISOGYNIST hater of women
SINE QUA NON essential element
MISOGYNIST hater of women
TAUTOLOGY needless repetition
FAC to do
MONGER seller
LEPSY attack
SINO China
ENTOMO insect
TUDE state of
PHIL love
AGORA marketplace
GEO earth
NARCO sleep
MANIA madness
PRO before
ANTE before
MAR sea
DUCT lead
TOPO place
NOX night
MALFEASANCE public misconduct
FISHMONGER seller of fish
NARCOLEPSY attacks of sleep
SINOLOGY study of China
ENTOMOLOGY study of insects
SOLICITUDE state of concern
NEOPHILIA love of the new
PANEGYRIC elaborate eulogy
GEOSYNCHRONOUS stationary in orbit
HYSTERON PROTERON figure of speech where the rational order of things is switched
NARCOLEPSY attacks of sleep
SYNDROME complex symptoms
MEGALOMANIA delusions of greatness
PROSCRIBE forbidden
ANTEDILUVIAN from before the flood
MAL DE MAR seasickness
INDUCTION factual reasoning
TOPONYM place name
HYSTERON PROTERON figure of speech where the rational order of things is switched
EQUINOX sun crosses equator
Created by: numnum
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