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ACTCM Herbs 1.3

Clear heat drain fire

Chinese nameLatinEnglishQualitiesEntersFunctionsDosageCautions & notes
Shi Gao Gypsum Fibrosum gypsum Sweet Spicy Very Cold LU, ST 1. Clear Heat, drain fire, 2. Clear excess heat from Lu, 3. Clear blazing St fire, 4. Astringes - Calcified – for sores, eczema, burns 5-10/20 q ! Do not eat ! Clear Qi Level (YM Heat)
Zhi Mu Anemarrhenae Rhizom Anemarrhena rhizome Bitter Cold sweet LU, ST, K 1. Clear heat, drain fire, 2. Nourish Yin, moisten dryness, 3. Nourish Yin, clear deficient fire, 4. Clears heat, generates fluids 2-4 q ! Sp def w/ diarrhea !
Lu Gen Phragmitis Rhizoma reed rhizome Sweet Cold LU, ST ***1. Clear heat, generate fluids, 2. Clears heat from LU, 3. Clears heat from ST, 4. Promote urination, treat UTI, 4. Vent rashes 5-10 q ! Even though its cold, can be used with sp def with loose stool 7 excess thurst. Facilitates proper circulation of fluids.
Zhi Zi Gardeniae Fructus gardenia fruit Bitter Cold Ht, Lu, St, Liv, SJ 1. Clear heat, eliminate irritability, 2. Drains damp heat, 3. Cools Blood, stops bleeding, 4. Reduce swelling, move Blood stasis d/t trauma (externally) 2-3 q ! Sp/St deficiency w/ diarrhea !
Xia Ku Cao Prunellae Spica prunella. Self heal spike Bitter Spicy Cold GB, LV 1. Clear Liv heat, brighten eyes, 2. Clear heat, dissipate nodules, 3. Hypertension 2-5 q ! Sp/St deficiency !
Jue Ming Zi Cassiae Semen Cassia Seed Bitter sweet salty cold LV, K, LI 1. Clear Liver heat, brighten eyes, 2. Moisten intestine, unblock bowels, 3. Hypertension & high cholesterol 4. Calms liver & anchors yang (migraines, dizziness, hypertension) 3-5 q, 3-10 for cancer Commonly used!
Tian Hua Fen Trichosanthis Radix thrichosanthes root bitter, slightly sweet, cold LU, ST 1. Clears heat & moistens. 2. Clears & drains lung heat, transforms phlegm, moisten lung dryness. 3. Resolves toxins & expels pus. 3-5 q, 3-10 for cancer ! Contraindicated during pregnancy! Helps treat cancer
Qing Xiang Zi Celosiae Semen Celosia Seed sweet cold liv 1. Clears wind-heat from eyes, drains liver fire & improves vision, 2. Lowers BP 2/3-5 q ! Larger doses dilate pupils. Raises interocular pressure - don't use with glaucoma!
Gu Jing Cao Eriocauli Flos pipewort scapus and infloresence sweet neutral liv, st 1. Disperse wind-heat, brightens eyes & eliminates superficial visual obstruction - makes eyes clear and peircing 2-3q Combine with blood nourishing herbs if there's deficiency
Mi Meng Hua Buddlejae Flos Buddleia flower sweet slightly cool LIV 1. Clears liver, brightens eyes & reduces superficial visual obstruction - good for tired achy eyes 1-3 q
Dan Zhu Ye Lophateri Herba Bland bamboo leaf/lophatherum stem & leaves Sweet bland cold HT, SI, ST 1. Clears heat, eliminates irritability, 2. Promotes urination, clears damp heat 2-3 q in yin ciao tablets
Created by: LAC2b