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CIM 1 MT prep

wind Bi formula fang feng tang indication
moving pain joints and limbs w/wo limitation of movement no heat or significant cold; fever chills bodyache sore throat cough P floating T twc virus or strep throat wind bi ss
fang fen, mahuang, qin jiao, xing ren, ge gen, rou gui,fu ling, dang gui, huang qin, gan cao fang feng tang ingred
cold bi formula wu tou tang
zhi chuan wu, ma huang , bai shao, huang qi, zhi gan cao wu tou tang ingred
OD on fu zi - wu tou > VT/VF resp depression
severe fixed pain in the joints or limbs maybe limited ROM, pain worse w cold relieved by warmth, no thirst T wc, P tense cold bi ss
heaviness, pain, swelling, numbness of limbs and joints, maybe limited ROM, pain worse on rainy days T w greasy coat P solf slippery Damp Bi ss
formula for damp bi yi yi ren tang
ma huang, cang zhu, yi yi ren, gui zhi, qiang huo, du huo, wu tou, dang gui, chuan xiong, fang feng, sheng jiang, gan cao yi yi ren tang
severe pain, inflammation of joints or limbs, pain worse w warmth relieved by cold fever thirst maybe chills, sore throat, restlessness, T red w rellow dry coat, P rapid slippery RA SLE osteoarthritis acute tendonitis heat bi ss
formula for heat bi bai hu jia gui zhi tang or xuan bi tang
yi yi ren, mu gua, can sha for damp heat accum
shi gao , zhi mu, zhi gan cao, geng mi, gui zhi bai hu jia gui zhi tang ingred
sheng di, mu dan pi, xuan shen for redness and burning of joints
chronic porgressive pain, swelling or deformity of joints, with significant limitation of movement intermittent fever T purple and or white greasy coat P choppy wiry (RA or SLE in remission) qi and blood stag ss
formulas for Bi syndrome of Qi and Blood Stag tao hon yin or shen tong zhu yu tong
chronic progressive pain of joints and limbs w numbness and weakness worse w exertion tiredness, sore low back and knees, blurry vision, dizziness, tinnitus T pale w white coat or red w scant coat P thready weak liver and kidney xu
formula for liver and kidney xu Bi syndrome du huo ji sheng tang
ED weak cold low back and knees, dizzy, freq pale urine, low libido T pale white coat P deep slow weak decline of ming men fire ss
formula for decline of ming men fire you gui wan (restore the right) or jin gui shen qi wan
ED w extreme tiredness, palpitations, breathlessness, spontaneous sweating, poor appetite, muscle weakness, abd distention, loose stools , pale complexion T pale w teeth marks P empty or weak H and Sp Qi xu ss
ED w painful difficult urination, dark yellow urine, pain LJ, damp heat itching in groin, irritability, bitter taste, T red yellow coat, P wiry rapid or soft rapid damp heat L J ss
ED w irritability, depression, stress, distention hypochondrium, fullness chest, bitter taste, thirst, throat obstruction difficult to swallow (plum pit) T light red or red on sides white thin coat P wiry Liver Qi stag ss
formula for H and Sp Qi xu ED gui pi tang or bu zhong yi qi tang
formula for damp heat L J ED long dan xie gan san or zhi bai di huang wan
formula for Liver Qi stag ED chai hu shu gan tang or xiao yao san
painful urination, frequent scanty dark yellow difficult w severe distention and lower abd pain worse w pressure, maybe fever, bitter taste, nausea, constipation T red w yellow grsy coat P slippery rapid ss damp heat lin
painful difficult urination w stones or sand, stream may stop suddenly, maybe hematuria, colicky pain of lower abd, or low back, T light red or red w yellow or white coat, P wiry tense o wiry rapid ss Stone lin
painful difficult urination distention in lower abd, r/t to emotions, irritability, T twc P wiry SS qi stag lin
painful difficult urination w sagging and distention in lower abdomen, weak stream, pale complexion, tiredness, poor appetite, T pale teethmarked,white coat, P weak or empty SS Qi xu lin
burning painful difficult urination w blood or clots, severe distention and pain in low abd or back, restlessness, thirst, fever maybe alt fever/chills, red face T red yellow coat P rapid = upper UTI or pyelonephritis SS blood heat bi
slightly painful and difficult urination, pale blood in the urine, tiredness, pale complexion, palpitations, insomnia, dizzy, maybe 5 palm heat T red less coat P thready rapid = menopausal or TB or CA SS yin and blood xu
painful burning u/o difficult and looks cloudy or oily, thirst w no desire to drink, T red w yellow greasy coat P slippery rapid SS XS turbid lin - damp heat prevents T&T to sep pure and turbid
slightly painful burning urine w cloudy oily appearance, emaciation tiredness, sore and weak low back and knees, reduced appetite, loose stools, weak muscles, T tale greasy coat,P weak and soft SS Deficient turbid lin - deficient K qi fails to consolidate and fails to help Sp t&t to sep pure and turbid
chronic recurrent slightly painful urine and dribbling worse w exertion tiredness,,sore low back and knees, weak muscles, reduced appetite T pale, P weak overstrain lin ss - retention of damp turbidity from K/Sp xu
formula for damp heat lin ba zheng san
formula for stone lin shi wei san
formula for qi stag lin chen xiang san or xiao yao san
formula for blood heat lin long dan xie gan san or xiao ji yin zi
formula for yin and blood xu lin sheng mai san combined with zhi bai di huang wan
formula for Xs turbid lin cheng's bi xie fen qiang yin or long dan xie gan tang
formula for deficient turbid lin gao lin tang or liu wei di huang wan
shan yao, qian shi, sheng di, long gu, mu li, bai shao, dan sheng gao lin tang
formula for overstrain lin- retention of damp turbidity from K/Sp xu wu bi shan yao wan or bu zhong yi qi tang or jin gui shen qi wan
cold heavy low back pain worse w cloudy rainy day and better w exercise T white greasy coat P soft or tense cold damp LBP - XS
pain and heat in LB scanty dark urine, worse on hot rainy day and better w exercise T red yeloow greasy coat P soft and rapid damp heat LBP XS
trauma, severe fixed LBP worse at night or w pressure better in daytime or w exercise T purple P choppy wiry Qi and blood stag LBP
dull cold LBP worse w exertion better w rest or pressure, tiredness, intol cold, cold ext, weak cold LB and knees, freq pale urine, lack of libido T pale white coat P deep weak K yang xu LBP
dull LBP worse w exertion, better w rest or pressure tiredness, sore weak LB vertigo, tinnitus, night sweats, 5 palm heat, dry throat T red scant coat P thready rapid K yin xu LBP
formula for cold damp LBP gan jiang ling zhu tang or wu ji san or du huo ji sheng tang
formula for damp heat LBP si miao wan or long dan xie gan tang
formula for qi and blood stag LBP shen tong zhu yu tang or xue fu zhu yu tang
formula for K yang xu LBP you gui wan or jin gui shen qi wan combined w hou lou xiao ling dan
formula for K yin xu LBP zou gui wan or liu wei di huang wan combined wi hou lou xiao ling dan
dang gui, dan shen, ru xiang, mo yao hou lou xiao ling dan ingred
huang bai, yiyi ren, can zhu, niu xi si maio wan
you gui wan restore the Right
zou gui wan restore the Left
Z for Zou gui wan - Zorro was a lefty restore the Left, UB and K are the left proximal pulse
Y for you gui wan - Restore the Right -ming men and san jiao are the right prox pulse
Created by: kalyana