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Greek & Latin #1

Greek & Latin Roots #1 Whisenhunt

phone; phon, phono GR - sound; voice; speech
sonus; soun, son LN - sound
vox, vocis LN - voice
dico, dictum LN - speak; speech
loqui, loquor, locutus LN - speak; speech
graph GR - write; draw; spell; describe; record
gramma; gram GR - write; draw; spell; describe; record
scribo, scriptum LN - write; spell; record
describere LN - draw; describe
skopeo; scop, scept, skept, scopy, shop GR - see; look at; examine; view; observe
video, visum LN - see
specto, spectatum LN - look at; see; examine; view; observe
photos; photo GR - light
lumen, lux LN - light; brightness; clarity
eu; eu- GR - well; good; easily
bonus; bon-, bount LN - good; well
kakos; caco- GR - bad; ill
malus; mali, mala LN - bad; ugly; evil; ill
mikros; micro- GR - small; short
brevis LN - small; short
makros; micro- GR - small; short
longus LN - long
syn; sym-, syn GR - together, with; at the same time
cum; co-, col-, com-, con-, cog- LN - with, together
phobos; -phobia; -phobiac, -phobe, -phobist; -phobic GR - fear; dread of; morbid fear of; one who has a morbid fear of; fearful of; dreading
metus; terror; timor LN - fear
timidus LN - fearful
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