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Carrer Prep Study!!!

Study or Fail

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) A 1990 federal law that forbids discrimination against persons who are disabled.
Aptitude person's natural ability or potential to learn in areas such as technology, music, athletics, art, communications, science, etc.; potential, or knack, for learning certain skills.
Economics study of how people produce, distribute, and use goods and services.
Employability Skills General skills that are essential for job success but are not necessarily linked to specific occupational knowledge.
Federal Pell Grant The largest pool of federal grant money. You must apply for a Federal Pell Grant, using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid , to be considered for the Pell Grant and other forms of aid. Students are not required to pay the grant funds back.
Job Shadowing Involves following someone (usually a day) on the job to learn what is involved in a typical day’s work.
Created by: BeyonceTheGreat