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Glassychord Franklin
Submarine Bushnell
Spinning Contton thread mill Slater
First Successful Steamboat Fulton
Michanical Mower McCormick
Steam Locomotive Cooper
Revolver Colt
Steam Shovel Otis
Passenger Elevator Otis
Clipper Ships McKay
Ether as Anesthesia Long
Suspension Bridge Roebling
Sewing Machine Howe
Condensation of Milk Borden
Trans-Atlantic Cable Field
Modern Oil Well Drake
Repeating Rifle Winchester
Pony Express Russell
Revolving Machine Gun Gatling
Sleeping Car on a train Pullman
typewriter Sholes and Glidden
Air brake Westinghouse
electric voting machine Edison
barbed wire Glidden
phonograph Edison
halftone engraving Ives
cigarette machine production Duke
camera, roll film, kodak camera Eastman
fountain pen Waterman
motion picture projector Edison
gas powered car Duryea
safety razor Gillette
moving assembly line Ford
air conditioning Carrier
vacuum tube De Forest
gyrocomapass Sperry
test of diptheria Schick
electric razor Schick
fast food, frozen food, dried food processing Birdseye
Liquid Propelled rocket Goddard
analog computer Bush
helicopter Sikorsk
digital computer Aiken
hydrogen bomb Teller and others
polio vaccine Salk
Laser Gould
Printing, moveable type Gutenberg
barometer Torricelli
pendulum clock Huygraves
mercury thermometer Fahrenheit
improved steam engine Watt
hot air balloon Montgolfier
electric battery Watt
stethoscope Laennec
Printing for the blind Braille
photography Daguerre
Gyroscope Foucault
gas burner Bunson
steel making process Bessemer
dynamite Nobel
radiation counter Gieger
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