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interpreter a program that runs scripts written in an interpreted language such as Python
IDLE an Integrated DeveLopment Environment for Python
integer a whole number
float a floating point number
exponentiation raising of one number to the power of another
string one of the basic types in Python that store text
concatenation addition of two or more strings
variable placeholder for texts and numbers that is used to store a value
Boolean represents one of the following two values: True and False
elif short for else it
break used to terminate a loop
function a parameterized sequence of statements
argument a value passed to find a function (or method) when calling it
parameter a named entity in a function (or method) definition that specifies an argument that the function can accept
docstrings a string literal that occurs as the first statement in a module, function, class, or method definition
PyPI Python Package Index. Stores third-party Python modules
exception means of breaking out of the normal flow of control of a code block in order to handle errors or other exceptional conditions
None the absence of a value
dictionary a built-in Python data type composed of arbitrary keys and values
tuple a built-in Python datatype, which is an immutable ordered sequence of values
anonymous function functions that are not bound to a name
lambda a shorthand to create anonymous functions
iterable a container object capable of returning its members one at a time
predicate a function that returns a Boolean
generator a function which returns an iterator
yield returns a value from a generator function
decorator a function that modifies another function or method
method like a function, but it runs "on" an object
def defines a function or method
immutable cannot be changed after its created
literals notations for constant vales of some built-in types
Zen of Python listing of Python design principles and philosophies that are helpful in understanding and using the language effectively
mutable objects that can change their value
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