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LC Business

controller manager Tells employees exactly what to do and expects them to do it without question. he does not ask their opinions. He is autocratic.
facilitator manager Like a coach who trains and develops the employees to give them skills they need so that they can make decisions and solve problems in the business themselves.
employee empowerment Where a manager gives an employee the power to make their own decisions about how they do their job without having to ask the managers permission. Employees are given the authority to decide what to do and when to do it.
work councils Groups of employees, elected by their fellow employees, who are allowed to have a say in the business plans and strategy.
worker directors Allows employees to have seats on the company's Board of Directors.
share options allowed to buy shares in the business at a reduced price. allows them to become owners in the business and have a vote at the company's annual general meeting.
Employee participation Is giving employees more of a say in the running of the business
Teamwork Working together for a common goal
Forming Members of the team meet for the very first time they are very polite to each other
Storming As team members get to know each other a bit better conflict occurs arguments arise as strong personalities emerge within the team
Norming Team members resolve their conflicts reach a consensus and start working together they agree on who the leader is, who has the power and each other's roles
Performing Team members pull together as one and focus on getting the job done, they co-operate with each other and work together as a unit
Total Quality Management Is a business management strategy that aims to ensure that the business makes 100% of the time so that its customers are 100% satisfied
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