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Animal Farm Test

Utopia A perfect society Example: the song Beasts of England
Revisionism Changing historical events, laws or events to meet the needs of Napoleon Ex. changing the commandment to "no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets"
Euphemism Using or changing a word or expression that is harsh or unpleasant to something nicer or more accepting Ex. "Friendly Fire"
Indoctrination teaching of beliefs of only one particular group ONLY talking about one side of things
Scapegoat Blaming someone for an event or a situation when they are innocent Ex. Snowball is blamed for the destruction of the windmill
Animalism the commandments and laws that the animals live by
Which commandments were changed over the course of the text? 1) no animal shall sleep in a bed 2) no animal shall drink alcohol
Which historical figure from the Russian Revolution is represented by Napoleon Stalin
Which historical figure from the Russian Revolution is represented by Snowball Trotsky
Which historical concept from the Russian Revolution is represented by Squealer Propaganda department: he promotes Napoleon throughout the story
Who supported Napoleon through his hard work and dedication and was slightly naive and undereducated? Boxer
Who represents the Russian Secret Police in the novel? the dogs
Which character was the biggest critic and most cynical? Ben the donkey
What is verbal irony? when the author or a character says one thing in order to suggest or emphasize the opposite
What is situational irony? the opposite of what the audience or reader thinks will happen and what actually happens
What is dramatic irony? a situation when the audience or reader knows something that the characters do not know
Allegory An allegory is a complete narrative which involves characters, and events that stand for an abstract idea or an event.
Satire the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize an particular event or issue
Simile A comparison using like or as
Metaphor A comparison NOT using like or as
Theme Lesson or message taught (sentence)
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