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comp. vocab.

Buffer The buffer is a section of the computer where data is stored before being used. This buffering allows time for an application to fix differences in bit rates among other things. It creates a space of time for compensation.
c++ A popular programming language
configure to set the details or structure of a system (e.g., operating system)
curriculum standard activities used in classroom instruction to teach the benchmarked standard
domain A group of computers whose hostnames share a common suffix, the "domain name". The last component of this is the top-level domain.
environmental probe computer peripheral that senses environmental data and communicates reading directly into the computer for recording and storage (e.g., pH sensor, humidity sensor)
export To save data or pictures in a form other programs can read
FAQ An acronym for Frequently Asked Questions
graphing calculator a hand-held calculator that, in addition to performing calculations and functional operations, can graph functions and relations
HTML The coding language used to create internet documents. An acronym for HyperText Markup Language
hypertext This is a markup language that allows for non-linear transfers of data. The method allows your computer to provide the computational power rather than attaching to a mainframe and waiting for it to do the work for you
intranet A world-wide network of computer networks in which users at any one computer can, if they have permission, get information from any other computer.
java A program that recreates information so it can be read by most computers
login To attach to a computer. It has also come to represent your User ID command.
network This a system that sends and receives data
overwrite Destroy (data) or the data in (a file) by entering new data in its place
router a device that forwards data packets to the appropriate parts of a computer network
software This is a program, the actual code the computer reads. All other stuff is hardware. A floppy disc is hardware
switch is a computer networking device that connects network segments
link To connect one page on the internet to another
jumpdrive Memory stick—portable place to save files
down drop arrow The black arrow next to a tool that provides selections within a tool
cache A memory section of the hard drive that holds information while the CPU is working on it
Clipboard A windows program that saves information you copy, to be pasted into a program later
gif An image format, an acronym for Graphical Interchange Format
hourglass  The picture showing that the computer is “thinking” before it performs your command
icon  Symbols or illustrations on the desktop or computer screen that indicate program files, documents, or other functions.
indent To use the tab key to start writing or typing a short distance in from the margin
URL  A standard address on the world wide web.  An acronym for Uniform Resources Locator
Virus A program designed to damage files, usually delivered via the internet to unsuspecting users
Created by: damianpalacios