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ACE Random Notes

Random notes from ACE

Henri Matisse led this movement Fauvism
Wrote Tess of the D'ubervilles Thomas Hardy
Mrs. Malaprop appears in what work The Rivals
Wrote The Rivals Richard Brinsley Sheridan
1985 act that set out plan to balance the budget Graham-Rudman-Hollings Act
She was married to King Ahab Jezebel
English portrait artist of the 18th century Sir Joshua Reynolds
1941 James Thurber short story about an affable dreamer "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
Mexican national hero who overthrew Santa Anna in 1855 Benito Juarez
Taxonomical class whose eggs have leathery shells Reptilia
First American to win a Nobel Prize in Physics, did so in 1907 William Mickelson
Least populated Japanese Island Hokaido
Mendeleev was born here Siberia
1427 painting featuring St. Peter The Tribute Money
Painted The Tribute Money Masaccio
Penned the words, "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may..." Robert Herrick
Represents the U.S. Govt. before the Supreme Court Solicitor General
Separates Tasmania from South Australian mainland Bass Strait
Year of William Calley's Trial 1971
German philosopher, read writings of David Hume Immanuel Kant
Astronaut grounded after first flight for medical reasons Allen Shephard
Also known as Rubella Measles
Family in Faulkner's The Hamlet Snopes
Ruling body of the Weimar Republic The Reichstag
Deficiency in this vitamin causes night blindness, milk is a good source of it Milk
Creature killed by Theseus Minotaur
Wrote Lost Horizon, Goodbye Mr. Chips, and wrote about Shangri-la James Hilton
1962 case about prayer in school Ingale v. Vitale
Also know as the States' Rights Party Dixiecrats
Florentino is a character in this book by Garcia-Marquez Love in the Time of Cholera
Theory that because some countries can produce things easily than others, it is therefor beneficial for nations to trade Comparative Advantage
20th century representative from Illinois, ran in 1980 Republican primary and then as independent in general election John (Bayard) Anderson
French sculptor of late 19th and early 20th century Auguste Rodin
Disease caused by protozoans (Plasmodium) Malaria
Wrote about Monterrey, CA John Steinbeck
Test used to detect syphillis Wasserman Test
Causes yellowness in the eyes and is caused by gallstones Jaundis
Metal that has shielding effect from UV rays Lead
Wrote A Shrapshire Lad and "On an Athlete Dying Young" A.E. Houseman
1964 case dealing with rights of the accused Escobedo v. Illinois
Island nation consisting of 96 independent islands Seychelles
Wrote Tamerlane Christopher Marlowe
1973 Democratic VP candidate dropped by McGovern for allegations of mental illness Thomas Eagleton
Wrote The Magic Mountain Thomas Mann
1924 Mann novel about a tuberculosis sanatorium The Magic Mountain
The Battle of Wounded Knee was in December of this year 1890
Most prominent Hellinistic sculpture, figure believed to be standing at front of boat The Winged Victory of Samothrace (Nike)
Wrote The Lady or the Tiger Frank R. Stockton
8 stepped cycle controlled by enzymes Krebs Cycle
The Apple of Discord is associated with this war The Trojan War
Swiss surrealist sculptor and painter of the 20th Century Alberto Giacometti
Can be illustrated by an assembly line, says that there is an optimum number of workers to make the most money possible (Law of) Diminishing Returns
Seeking peace in his old age, he divided his kingdom between his three daughters King Lear
Introduced by Alice Paul in the 1920s, it failed then and again in 1970s Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
Year the 27th Amendment was ratified 1992
Black spots in the universe commonly called "Hubble Bubbles" Voids
10 year-old character of Mark Twain Tom Sawyer
Goddess born of seafoam Aphrodite
1895 Speech by Booking T. Washington "The Atlanta Compromise"
Developed idea of "conspicuous consumption" and wrote The Theory of the Leisure Class Thorstein Veblen
Play about Norse mythological character Peer Gynt
Reporters of the Watergate scandal Woodward and Bernstein
Named for Pope Sixtus IV Sistine Chapel
Hemingway novel featuring Lady Brett Ashley and Jake Barnes The Sun Also Rises
Play set in the French Quarter of New Orleans A Streetcar Named Desire
Wrote What is the Third Estate Sieyes
4th largest lake in world Aral Sea
57 periodic table... Lanthanide series
89 periodic table... Actinide series
Term comes from British landlord Boycott
Sec. of State under Grant, Gov. and Senator from NY Hamilton Fish
Born in New Zealand, scientist of 19th and 20th centuries Ernest Rutherford
Founded "The International" Karl Marx
Painted Le Moulin de la Galet Renoir
Transfer of genetic material from one bacterium to another by direct cell contact Conjugation
Son of Nicholas I, Czar who emancipated the Serfs Alexander II
Main waterway of Myanmar Irrawabbi River
Group that seized Wounded Knee, SD in 1973 AIM (American Indian Movement)
Two major works of poet Sidney Lanier "Song of the Chattahoochee" and "Marshes of Glenn"
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