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Dui Yao

Dui Yao Study Guide

Bai He & Zhi Mu Yin Xu heat, Moisten the Lungs, clear heat, Nourishing the Heart and Quieting the Spirit, agitation after a febrile disease, dry cough, insomnia, vertigo, thirst, depressive and anxious state with a Heart Yin deficiency
Bai Shao & Chi Shao 1. Nourish blood, constrain Yin, and cool the blood w/o causing blood stasis. 2. Drain & Nourish LV & stop Pain.
Bai Shao & Gan Cao Engender Yin, Relax & soothe the sinews, Harmonize the Liver & Spleen, supplement the Qi and Blood, Stops spasms, Harmonize Qi & Xue, Damp heat w/ pain, pus & blood, cramping anywhere in the body stops pain, tenesmus, difficult BM
Bai Zhu & Fu Ling Dries Damp, tonify Qi (SP) lack of appetite, fatigue, loose stools, Disinhibits Urination, edema, chronic cough w/ phlegm, vertigo, H palpitations, dizziness, blurred vision due to Phlegm dampness & SP vacuity
Bai Shao & Gan Cao In Rx: Shao Yao, Gan Cao Tang (Dui Yao), Shao Yao Tang: (Bai Shao, Dang Gui, Gan Cao, Mu Xiang, Bing Lang, Huang Lian, Huang Qin, Da Huang, Rou Gui)
Ban Lan Gen & Xuan Shen calm shen , cool LV, H xue xu, nourishes Fluids & Yin: insomnia
Ban Xia & Chen Pi Harmonize St, Resolve Phlegm, stop nausea +vomiting
Ban Xia & Sheng Jiang Sx. Nausea vomiting, no thirst, slimy tongue due to phlegm dampness stagnating in the middle burner, enduring cough with white watery & profuse phlegm
Ban Xia & Zhu Ru One is warm, the other is Cool They reinforce each other. Dry Dampness, Clear Heat, Transform Phlegm, Harmonize the ST & Stop vomiting
Ban Lan Gen & Xuan Shen Clear Heat , toxins, clear throat
Bai Zhu & Fu Ling Rx: Shen Ling Bai Hu San: Augments Qi, Strengthens SP, leaches out dampness & stops diarrhea
Ban Xia & Chen Pi Rx. ( Er Chen Tang) *** takes the place of Ju Hong- dries dampness, resolve phlegm, regulate qi and harmonize the middle burner
Ban Xia & Sheng Jiang LU/ ST Releases the Exterior, warm, acrid LU: cough w/ phlegm, ST nausea & vomiting, No pain or distention,
Ban Xia & Zhu Ru cool, transforms Phlegm, nausea & vomiting- heat in ST, morning sickness, transforms Phlegm, GB fire & phlegm
Zhen Ling Dan: Mo Yao & Ru Xiang: uterine bleeding of purplish red blood with clots, pain and tenderness of the abdomen, with deficient cold in the Ren & Chong mai leading to stagnation of blood.
Bei Jia & Gui Ban Nourish Yin, Relieve Wind, Anchor Yang ( Heat Spasms)
Bing Lang & Mu Xiang Rx: in Fei Er Wan aka: Fat baby pill
Chuan Xiong & Dang Gui Rx. ( Si Wu Tang)
Chai Hu & Sheng Ma Raise organs & Qi, toxic heat, rashes, in Rx: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Da Huang & Mang Xiao ( Da Cheng Qi tang Rx.) for obstruction in intestines, eliminates toxins, impacted feces, acute conditions, this is the most moving we have.
Dang Gui & Shu Di Strengthening Blood, Kidney & Liver, tx. asthma, down-bearing the Lung Qi & strengthening the qi, grasping aspect of the Kidney. (Dang Gui) treats cough from rebellious qi,
Bai Shao, Shu Di, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong:
Dang Shen & Huang Qi Nourishes Yin, wei qi, low grade fever due to xu,
Du Huo & Qiang huo upper & lower back, pain in system,
Du Zhong & Xu Duan Yang tonics, mends bones, safe in pregnancy, holds fetus,
Fu Zi & Gan Jiang Fortifies SP, in RX for digestive cold & resucitative
Ge Gen & Sheng Ma cooling the exterior, rashes,
Gou Qi Zi & Ju Hua gentle & nourishing to benefit eyes, brighten vision, nourishes Liver blood to strengthen the eyes and vision.
Gui Zhi & Ma Huang Gui Zhi is for Xu, uterus , Ma Huang: circulates Wei Qi, pain, stiffness, soreness,
Hong Hua & Tao Ren Xue yu, Hong Hua: nourishing Tao Ren: for stasis like cysts, treat: chest pain, fixed stabbing pain, anywhere in the body.
Huang Bai & Ze Xie drainging damp, cooling, UTI, constipation, funky diarrhea
Huang Bai & Zhi mu nourishes Yin, clear heat in the whole body, in 3 Rx. Fevers, agitation anxiety, hyper thyroid, night sweats,
Huang Lian & Huang Qin damp heat anywhere in body
Jin Yin Hua & Lian Qiao wind heat for sore throat, skin cond’, toothache,
Long Gu & Mu Li settles shen, tremors spasms, bleeding, sweating & diarrhea, anchoring the H
Mai Men Dong & Tian Men dong tonify Yin, clear heat, clear Fire, moisten lungs, stop cough and transforms phlegm,
Mo Yao & Ru Xiang Blood invigorating, treats trauma and disease involving Qi & Blood stasis with swelling and pain.
Bai Zhu & Fu Ling Rx. Wu Ling San- Drains Dampness, strengthens SP, Promotes Urination, warms the Yang Sx. edema, heaviness, diarrhea, urinary difficulty, etc.
Bai Zhu & Fu Ling Rx. Si Jun Zi Tang-Tonify SP Qi (Ren Shen, Bai Zhu Fu Ling, & Gan Cao), Si Jun Zi Tang + Chen Pi & Ban Xia =Liu Jun Si Tang: Fortifies the spleen and supplements the qi, transforms phelgm and eliminates dampness
Bai Zhu & Fu Ling Rx. Gui Pi Tang: Restore the SP, Tonify Qi & Blood, Nourish the Heart, Sx. forgetfulness, palpitation, insomnia, anxiety & phobia, reduced appetite
Bai Zhu & Fu Ling Rx. Xiao Yao san
Ban Xia & Sheng Jiang Harmonizes ST, treats counter flow, drains fluids accumulated in Stomach,
Ban Xia & Sheng Jiang in Rx. Er Chen Tang
Ban Xia & Zhu Ru 1. Hiccup, nausea, vomiting due to disharmony & counter flow of ST Qi. 2. Vertifo, agitation, insomnia due to phlegm turbidity. 3. Nausea & vomiting during pregnancy due to disharmony of ST, Phlegm Heat or heat in the STomach
Ban Xia & Zhu Ru in Rx. Wen Dan Tang (Warm the Gallbladder decoction)
Bai Shao & Chi Shao Build Xue, move Xue, cool heavy menses with clots & pain, P.M.S., 1. low grade fevers,due to heat in the blood. pain 2. Dry mouth & tongue, eyes red & painful due to insufficiency of fluids or yin caused by residual heat.
Bai Shao & Chi Shao 3. Lateral costal & Chest pain, abdominal and conglomerations due to blood stasis or liver depression qi stagnation. 4. Menstrual irregularities or amenorrhea caused by blood stasis, blood vacuity, and / or liver depression of qi stagnation
Mutual Enhancement/ Reinforcement: Dui Yao Mo Yao, & Ru Xiang, Ma Huang & Gui Zhi, Dang Shen & Huang Qi, Du Zhong & Xu Duan
Shao Yao Tang:Bai Shao & Gan Cao Bai Shao: Regulates Qi & Blood, Gan Cao: moderates the spasms and relieves abdominal pain, harmonizes the functions of the Stomach and protects it's Qi from the harsh actions of the other herbs.
Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang: Bai Shao: Nourishes the blood and preserves the yin while it softens the Liver and alleviates pain. Zhi Gan Cao: tonifies and augments the qi of the middle burner, especially the Spleen, Harmonizes Liver & Spleen , nourishes the sinews.
Si Jun Zi Tang: Bai Zhu: strengthens the Spleen and dries dampness, Fu Ling: strengthening the Spleen
Shen Ling Bai Zhu san: Bai Zhu & Fu Ling: strengthening the Spleen and eliminating dampness, which are the most important factors in this condition.
Gui Pi Tang: Bai Zhu: Strengthens the Spleen and dries dampness, prevents indigestion due to the rich, cloying nature of the other herbs Fu Ling: calm the spirit, reinforces the Spleen- Tonifying
Er Chen Tang: (Ban Xia): dries dampness, expels phlegm, and causes the rebellious ST Qi to descend. useful in controlling the N & V. (Chen Pi): revives the SP and facilitates the flow of qi in the middle burner, distention, coughing, N & V, indirectly expels phlegm.
Wen Dan Tang: Ban Xia & Chen Pi: dries dampness and expels phlegm while regulating the Qi and harmonize it's circulation in the ST, effective in treating Phlegm
Si Wu Wan: Dang Gui: tonifies and invigorates the blood, nourishes yang of blood, moistens the intestines and regulates Liver & Kidneys,Chuan Xiiong: invigorates the blood and promotes the movement of Qi, releases areas of Constraint; in the Liver and stops pain.
Bing Lang & Mu Xiang (Bing Lang) is an anti-parasitic, (Mu Xiang) Regulates Qi, Together: Move Qi, disperse food stagnation, and stop pain, promotes the movement of Qi & transforms stagnation,
Created by: Nirlepa222