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Info Tech Final

Bayside Information Technology Class Final

A _______ data type puts a check box in the field. Yes/No
To set the data type and properties for a field, you need to be in __________________ Design View
To insert a picture onto a record the field type must be set to ________________ OLE object
A record can be added to a table in ___________ Datasheet View
Microsoft Access automatically sets field data types to ________________ Text
A _______________ shows in the status bar when the field is selected in the table. description
Type an unlimited amount of text into a field using a ________________ data type. Memo
The _____________ makes a drop down list of choices in a field. Lookup Wizard
To make data entry consistent, it is a good idea to set the _________________. data type
A _________ is a datasheet made up of rows and columns that stores data in a database. table
If you want the date of birth to be typed into a field, what is the correct data type? Date/Time
What is a database? A collection of organized information.
What is a field? A field in the smallest piece of information that can be found on a form.
What is a table? A table is made of a series of rows and columns that stores information in its cells.
Design view is for? Setting up and moving/creating the format for the information you will collect.
Datasheet View is for? Inputting and storing/organizing your work.
Created by: noeasyday