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Unit 5 Vocab Pt I

Hervey ICT I Vocabulary

Alignment the arrangement of text and images on a page
Bold the type format in which the letter is made to appear extra thick and dark
Bullet a character or symbol used to itemize lists or emphasize points
Clipboard a temporary storage area that holds text and graphics
Copy to duplicate data or text
Crop the act of “cutting” part of a graphic image
Cut removing text from one location in a document with the intention of inserting it at another
Default a preset condition of the software that the software uses if no other option is selected
Delete to remove an item or value from a document
Desktop Publishing the ability to make the printed word more attractive using the computer and specialized software
Enter key that, when pressed, moves the text insertion point to the start of the next line
Font a print typeface or style of characters displayed on the screen or printed to paper
Cursor (I-Beam) The blinking vertical line that shows where your text/object will be inserted.
Handles the "dots" surrounding a selected object indication that it is in edit mode
Format to put selected text or an entire document into a given form; the form itself
Save As command that stores the document currently in memory to disk under a new name.
Font Size height of a text character measured in points or pixels
Spacebar oblong key at the bottom of of the keyboard which, when pressed adds a space at the text insertion point.
Margin border on the left, top, right, and bottom of a document
Insert to place characters in between existing characters
Italics text format in which characters take on a slanted appearance
Underline text format in which selected text is underlined
Tab key that, when pressed moves the text insertion point to a different place in the current line
Word Wrap Word processing feature in which text is automatically continued from online of text to the next.
Created by: herveyict1