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Braydn's Farts

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Tsuamis Earthquakes that occur on the ocean floor are tsunamis.
Earth Quakes An earth quake is the shaking and trembling that results from the sudden movement of part of the Earth's crust.
Focus The focus is the underground point of origin of an earthquake.
epicenter Directly above the focus, on the earth's surface, is the epicenter.
Seismic Waves There are three types of Seismic waves.Each type wave has a characteristic speed and manner of travel.
Primary Waves Seismic waves that travel the fastest are called primary waves
Seismic waves Earthquake waves are known as seismic waves.
Secondary Waves Seismic waves that do not travel through the Earth as fast as P waves do are called secondary waves.
Surface Moves The slowest moving seismic waves are called surface waves.
Siesmograph A seimograph is an instrument that detects and measures seismic waves .
Seismologists Scientist who study earthwquakes
Seimogram The seismographs record of waves is called a seismograph.
Richter Scale THe height of the tallest wavy lines on a seismogram is used to calculate the strength of an earthquake on the Richter scale
Magma Deep within the Earth ,under tremendous pressure and at extreme temperatures, rock exists as a hot liquid called magma.
Lava molten rock outside of the earth
Volcano The place in the Earth's surface through which magma and other materials each the surface and the magma becomes lava is called a volcano.
Volcanic ash Rock particles more than 0.25 millimeter but less than 5 millimeters in diameter are called volcanic ash.
Volcanic Bombs Larger rock particles are called volcanic bombs.
Cinders Small volcanic bombs about the size of a golf balls are called cinders.
Cinder Cones Volcanoes made mostly of cinders and other rock particles that have been blown into the air are called cinder cones.
Shield Volcanoes Volcanoes composed of quit lava flows are called shield volcanoes.
Composite Volcanoes Volcanoes built up of alternative layers of rock particles and lava are called composite volcanoes.
Crater There is often a funnel-shaped pit or depression at the top of a volcanic cone.This pit is called a crater.
Caldera If a crater becomes very large as a result of the collapse of its walls, it is called a caldera.
Ring of fire The sans andreas fault is part of this zone.This zone that circles the Pacific Ocean is called the Ring of Fire.
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