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review of literary works and period

gothic or small town or country types of setting
place of low morals city or civilization
where they and the characters "escape" to country
single, goes on journey or quest, everyman characteristics of hero
what dark romantics focus on in people guilt, sin, the mind
city of gold El Dorado
ghost, death shadow
all that was found of Tom's wife liver, heart
symbolizes time, nearing death pendulum
Tom's job usurer, loan shark
original owner of treasure Cap' Kidd
what the cross sybolizes his guilt and sorrow
what Tom refused to do trade slaves
why Tom went to church fear
Tom represents greed and corruption
Medbourne represents greed, get rich quick, cheat others
Who represents vanity, conceit? Wycherly
Water symbolizes life, rebirth
Who represents sinful pleasures? Killigrew
corrupt politician Gasgoine
Reason narrator of "The Raven" was reading to foget Lenore
description of women in "Cross of Snow" good, pure, religious
has 14 lines but last two don't rhyme Italian sonnet
four lines, four lines, four lines, rhyming couplet Elizabethian sonnet
Which was more important to romanticists, logic or imagination? imagination
What was the historical event in "The Pit and the Pendulum"? Spanish Inquisition
In "Pit..." what did the hand symbolize at the end of the story? hand of God, salvation
In "Pit..." what are the torturers an allusion to? Chronus, father time, grim reaper
In "Raven" what is a question asked of the bird? Will I see her, hold her? Is there a cure for this pain? What is your name?
Not to be obsessed with goals or money is a message of.... "El Dorado"
when characters or events represent something larger in a story allegory
a story with a religious message parable
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