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Black History Bowl L

Kindergarten - Second

What was the first black-owned company to be traded on the NY Stock Exchange BET Holdings
Who was the first Af Amer car manufacturer in 1916? Frederick Douglass Patterson
What was the first all-black religious denomination in the US the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME)
Which European nationw as the first to stop trading African slaves to the US in 1794? France
Who invented the shoe lasting machine Jan Matzeliger
Who was the first black woman doctor educated in the US Rebecca Lee-Crumpler
Who invented the traffic signal? Garrett A Morgan
Who wrote the script for the 1975 hit, Cooley High? Eric Monte
Denzel Washington played in what 1981 Pulitzer Prize winning play by Charles Fuller? A Soldier's Story
Who was the only other black actress to win the Academy Awards Best Supportin Actress Oscar since Hattie McDaniel in 1939? Whoopi Goldberg
Who sang MLK favorite gospel song "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" after his funeral procession in 1968? Mahalia Jackson
Who was the first african american mortgage banker? James Del Rio
In 1990 the Mystery Writers of Amer nominated this novel, by Walter Moseley, as best of the year Devil in a Blue Dress
by the 18th century, what colony was leader in the slave trade? Rhode Island
IN what year did Harriet Tubman escape slavery? 1849
During the 19th century, how many states had laws prohibiting interracial marriage 38
Which state east of the Mississippi was the first to give AA women the right to vote in 1913? Illinois
What magazine was created for black entrepreneurs Black Enterprise
Who was the black soldier that helped George Wash cross the Deleware? Oliver Cromwell
Who was the first black woman poet publsihed in America Phillis Wheatley
What was Malcolm X given name when he was born? Malcolm Little
Created by: anjelberry