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Chap. 4 Sec 3-Whelch

Chap. 4 Sec 3-Whelchel

What are some examples of things that change in culture: Blue jeans, natural environment, technology, ideas
True or False: All cultures change over time. True
Name two types of new technologies. Growth of industry and invention of cars
Growth of industry meant people moved from _________to___________. Countryside to cities
True or False: Cities got smaller with the growth of industry. Cities grew because people needed to be close to their jobs.
People moved back to rural areas after_________________. the invention of cars
The invention of cars led to the development of ________culture. suburban
What changes came about because of radio and tv? People got instant information and were exposed to new words.
What changes do computers lead to? They help people live longer, work from home, learn new languages, communicate in a new way.
What events brought about cultural changes? Controlling fire, raising animals, and growing crops allowed people live in different places.
True or False - Cultural changes caused people to stay in one place. True
What do you call the movement of customs and ideas? Cultural Diffusion
How are ideas spread? By advancements in transportation and technology.
Give an example of an idea that originated in America and is now all over the world. Baseball
The process of accepting new ideas and fitting them into a culture is called ____________. Acculturation
Give an example of acculturation. Japanese baseball: can end in a tie
_____________ has increased the speed of change. Technology
Because of technology_______________________________ ideas can be shared at the touch of a button.
True or False: Change is never bad. False
One bad thing about change is that______________________ valuable traditions can disappear, and once they're gone they can't be regained.
True or False: Many place of the world are working on preserving ideas and traditions. True
Created by: Mrs. Logan