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Business Principles

Chapter 6 Questions

It is suggested that entrepreneurs are a “different breed.” Which of the following is a characteristic of an entrepreneur? a tendency to avoid risks
Someone who uses entrepreneurial talent while working for large firm is called a(n): intrapreneur
When an entrepreneur experiences failure: the entrepreneur should treat the failure as a learning experience.
Companies that want to enhance intrapreneurship should: quickly move proposals for new ventures through the approval process at the firm.
When trying to find an idea for a new business, it is may be wise to: a.list your interests, abilities, values, & goals. b.consider the job experience you’ve already had. c.think about how to solve problems people have experienced @work or in their personal lives. d.look for ways improve on existing goods &services. ALL
Popular methods for entering new ventures include a. starting a business from scratch, based on an original idea. b. buying an existing business that has potential to be rejuvenated. c. buying a franchise. ALL
Sources of equity financing for new ventures include a. family and friends. b. venture capital firms. c. business partners. d. private investors. ALL
When entrepreneurs borrow money to finance a business venture, they are using debt financing.
Aspiring entrepreneurs can find information by a. subscribing to magazines and reading books. b. using the Internet. c. contacting trade associations for the industry in which they have interest. ALL
Established firms implement programs such as skunkworks to support what type of business people? intrapreneurs
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