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Business Principles

Chapter 6 Terms

Intrapreneurship is the process of promoting innovation within an existing organization’s structure.
classic entrepreneur The most common type of entrepreneur, one who identifies a business opportunity and allocates available resources to tap that market, is known as a(n)
social entrepreneur is a person who recognizes societal problems and uses business principles to develop innovative solutions.
debt financing Financing from borrowed funds that entrepreneurs must repay is known as
angel investors Wealthy individuals who invest directly in a new venture in exchange for an equity stake are called
Seed capital is the initial funding needed to launch a new venture
serial entrepreneur A person who starts one business, runs it, and then starts another in succession is known as a
Venture capitalists are business firms or groups of individuals who invest in new and growing firms.
equity financing Funds invested in new ventures in exchange for part ownership constitute
lifestyle entrepreneur A person who starts a business to reduce work hours and create a more relaxed lifestyle is known as a
entrepreneurs People who seek profitable opportunities, and who take the necessary risks to set up and operate a business, are known as
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