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File Types

File Types Graphic Design I

The proportion of width to height in an image.______________________ Aspect Ratio
__________________________number (density) of pixels in an image. Resolutions
________________Images are scalable without losing quality.. Vector
__________ used for print industry and also with scanned images. Not best for web based images Tiff
__________________Reduction in the amount of data used to store a file Compression
_______________-digital camera images and some web images. (Most Common) Jpeg
______________________- great for web pages not for print. PNG
________________Photoshop File with layers to modify images. PSD
_______________Adobe File used to view files without design editing software. Universal tool for sharing. PDF
_____________________ A vector file to produce high resolution graphics for print. EPS
________________ Industry standard for creating art work from scratch. Adobe Illustrator
When you are in _______________use the save for web tool, save a jpeg for using on a website. Photoshop
The speed at which a computer can transmit information along a network. Bandwidth
Which type of graphics program is better, vector-based or raster-based? Both programs are good programs-it depends upon what you are trying to create
Why is it important to save an image file in a native format? Easier to edit
Why is it important to pay attention to file sizes? For web or email purpose
What is lossless compression? Don't loose quality when you save
Bitmap Images (Raster Images) made up of __________(color squares) Pixels
___________ Good for web based images using a few colors. Low in memory and easy to make. Giff
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