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Ceramics Vocab

unity sense of completeness
ceramics the process of building clay forms that are fired into a permanent state (functional or non-functional)
pinch a form or structure shaped by pressing the clay between the thumb and fingers
coil building a hollow shape by joining one coil on top of the other.
slab making a hollow shape by joining thin flat even sheets of clay together by the technique of scoring and slipping.
wedging the process of kneading clay to eliminate air pockets inside the clay
score to make small marks in the clay with a tool to roughen the surface before the slip is added to join pieces of clay.
slip clay is thinned out with water to be used as a glue joining clay together.
leather hard clay which is partially hard and dry but which still may be scored and burnished. Its dark.
green ware unfired, completely air dried. terra cotta clay has turned pink.
bisque ware clay that has been fired once but is still glazed. from the french word meaning half baked.
relief texture the process of created raised or lowered surfaces on clay by pressing objects into the clay or adding pieces to the surface.
glazing applying a think coat of liquid glaze to bisque ware to decorate it and make it water proof.
kiln the furnace in which clay is fired.
firing the process of heating clay to a temperature at which it turns into a hard-permanent, glass-like medium.
grog bisque fired clay that has been ground into a fine sand-like material and is added into moist clay to give it a structural body and to help reduce its shrinkage.
terracotta a low fired clay body use at CHS. it contains grog and is best used in slab work and structural forms. Also called earthenware clay.
white talc clay a light gray clay body when wet and fires to a white color and contains very little grog. Best used for wheel throwing. This clay lets you see the true color of glazes.
high relief surface of object has raised areas of pattern and design.
low relief surface of object has areas lower and include incised lines and tectures.
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