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Brain Structure&Fun.

U3:-Ch.2-L1 (3)

Cortex Highly wrinkled outer layer of the cerebrum & cerebellum (Forebrain); gray matter
Limbic System A group of sub-cortical structures (Hypothalamus, Hippocampus, & Amygdala) of the brain that deal with emotion & motivation
Brain Stem Oldest part of the brain composed of the Mesencephalon, Pons, & Medulla Oblongata; connects the spinal cord with the forebrain & Cerebrum
What is the Brain Stem alternatively referred to as? Reptillian Brain or R-Complex
Neurons Grayish or reddish granular cells with specialized processes that is the fundamental functional unit of nervous tissue in the brian
Cerebral hemisphere The two interconnected spheres or lobe responsible for the higher-level thinking
Synapse Space between nerve cells where nervous impulses pass from neuron to another
Sensory gating Regulation of transmission of stimuli to the brain; Neuron spike point
Sensory overload When too much data reaches the brain
Axon Long fibers that send electrical impulses& release neurontransmiters
Dendrite Any of the usually branching protoplasmic processes that conduct impulses toward the body of a nerve cell
Neuro Transmitter A chemical molecule (like Norepinephrine or Acetylcholine) that transmit nerve impulses across a synapse
Neutral Plasticity The property of neutral circuity to potentially acquire nearly any function
What are the 3 parts of the human brain? Neocortex, the Limbic System, & Brain Stem
Where does most high-order thinking & Abstract thought occur? Neocortex
What do the two hemispheres of the Neocortex help with? Making connections between various stimuli making comprehension possible & to derive meaning
What happens to the Neocortex when humans learn? The structure & chemistry of the nerve cells change?
What is Fight or Flight response? A complex set of reactions to a perceived threat
What is the simplest act the nervous system can perform? The Withdrawal reflex
What is Downshifting? When information processing moves from the higher-level thinking regions of the brain (Neocortex & Limbic System) down into the brain stem & automatic responses of reflex
What is sacrificed when there is a perceived threat? Speed
What does the Medulla control? Heart rate, breathing, & digestion
What does the Cerebellum coordinate? It links sensory input with muscle movement
What does the mid-brain connect? Human emotions & formation of long-term memory
What does the Limbic System linked to? Hormones, drives, temperature control, & emotion
What part is crucial in regulating drives & actions? The Hypothalamus
What is the Amygdala connected to? Aggressive behavior
What is the job of the Reticular Activating System (RAS)? To response to incoming & urgency of data
Making decisions, planning, voluntary Muscle movement are associated with what? The Frontal Lobes
What do the Frontal lobe process & control? It process speech, sound, & emotions; it controls responses & reactions
What is the Parietal lobe associated with? Our sense of touch
What is the Temporal lobe associated with? Emotions
What is the Occipital lobe assoicated with? Visual input & perceiving spatial relationship
What are the primary sensory systems? Vision, smell, taste, touch, & sound
What specializes in movement & receiving information from primary sensory systems? The Motor Cortex
How does the Nervous System link the body to the external environment? What does this allow? Through the sensory organs, allowing to responses to stimuli
Nerve fibers are also what? Sensory neurons
Nerve Processing centers are called what? Interneurons
What is muscle memory? When the body stores signals to make body parts move in certain ways
What is Taxon memory system about? Handles role memorization of date
What is Locale Memory system about? Stores mental maps