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U2:-Ch.1-L4 (1&2)

Doctrine Principle (creed of principles) relating to a specific belief, subject, theory, or branch of knowledge; Usually taught
Self-evaluation To with, fork or toward oneself or itself
Attributes A distinctive personal feature
Philosophy A discipline comprising as its core logic, aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, & epi stermology
Diversified To produce variety
Convictions A strong persuasion or belief
Censure An opinion or judgement that criticizes or condemns sternly
Recrimination A retaliatory accusation
What make up self-improvement process? Analyzing yourself objectively, Asking for honest opinions, study other leaders, develop interest in people, Hone writing & speaking skills, develop a philosophy of life & work, and have a goal and plant to attain to
1st leadership principle of leadership? Know yourself & seek Self-Improvement
2nd leadership principle of leadership? Be technically and tactically proficient
3rd leadership principle of leadership? Seek Responsibility& take responsibility for your actoins
4th leadership principle of leadership? Make sound & timely decisions
5th leadership principle of leadership? Set the example
6th leadership principle of leadership? Know your personnel & look out for their well being
7th leadership principle of leadership? Keep your followers informed
8th leadership principle of leadership? Develop a sense of responsibility in your followers
9th leadership principle of leadership? Ensure each task is understood, supervised, & accomplished
10th leadership principle of leadership? Build a team
11th leadership principle of leadership? Employ your team in accordance with its capabilities
Character A person's inner strength
How do you build character? Hard work, study, & Challenging experiences
What giving your team impossible standards result in? Loss of respect, confidence, & morale
What do you need to ensure a mission or task is well done? Time, ability, and careful attention to all detail
Setting impossible goals, placing self-interest first, & abusing power of position are all examples of what? Pressures to be unethical
How do you develop an ethical climate? Reach out to their organization, know the details, trust their people, & take risks on their behalf
What are a leader's ethical responsibilities to maintain a healthy environment? Being a good role model, developing followers ethically, and avoid putting your follower in ethical dilemmas
How do you develop a self-image? Focus on the positive, expressing self-disclosure, & reflecting on yourself
A leader must be able to apply what to real life situations? BE, KNOW, DO attributes
What is the BE attribute? BE a person of strong & honorable character BE an example of values BE able to resolve complex problems
What is the KNOW attribute? KNOW the four factors of leadership & how they affect one another KNOW yourself KNOW human nature KNOW your job KNOW your unit
What is the DO attribute? DO (provide) purpose DO (provide) direction DO (provide) motivation
What must a leader always provide? Purpose, direction, & motivation