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I <3 English + JB

by Joshua Schechter

Which letter of the alphabet comes first? A
Write one condition conjunction that rhymes with wif. If
Who is the sexiest man alive? Justin Bieber
Name this man. William ___________. William Shakespeare
What play by William Shakespeare is about two opposed factions' having forbidden love? Romeo and Juliet
What time era was William Shakespeare alive in? Elizabethan Era
What is a story that is brief called? Short Story
Who has a sweet 6 pack? Justin Bieber
What is the name of the short story about a woman who thinks her husband died, but when he shows up at home, she dies from a heart attack? The Story Of An Hour
Who is the best singer of our generation and all generations? Justin Bieber
What is a word that comes from a sound called? (You might need to google this one). Onomatopoeia
What is another play that William Shakespeare wrote, that rhymes with Camlet? Hamlet
What is the 26th letter of the alphabet? Z
Which is better Android or IOS? Android.
Seriously, who is the sexiest man alive? Justin Bieber
What is the school we go to? BPCS
What year is this? 2016
What is the short story about a future where everyone is handicapped to prevent anyone from being better than anyone else? Harrison Bergeron
Who won the Superbowl in 1988? The Washington Redskins
Who's gonna be the next president? Donald Trump
Created by: JoshSchech