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Schindler's List

Chapters 16 - 25

How many people had been cleared out of the ghetto by the end of the Aktion? 7000
From whom did Schindler get his information? police contacts and clearheaded Jews like Stern
Who returned from Prokocim to Cracow? Bachner - a young pharmacist
What story did he have to tell? of the final horror - the gas chamber
What brought Bachner home? the pull of the known
From Bachner’s testimony how many people could be exterminated in a day at Belzec? 3000
The resistance claimed that how many more was the capacity at Auschwitz II? 10,000
What was Schindler’s story to the bureaucrats that enabled him to build a hut on his patch of wasteland? a rest area for the night shift
Who else besides Schindler considered himself a potential witness? Bosko
How many did Bosko want to save? everyone
Where was Mrs. Dresner able to hide Danka? behind the false wall of a neighbor's house
What was the name of the Austrian dentist chosen to bring Occupation zloty into Poland? Sedlacek
Where did he hide the money? in a false-bottomed suitcase
Where did he ask Schindler to go? Budapest
Who was it supposed that had submitted Schindler’s name for the post of righteous person? Stern, Ginter, Biberstein
Schindler’s expanded workshop employed how many Jews? 550
Why did the SS have four jewelers brought to the basement of the old Technical Academy? to classify confiscated jewelry
What did they find when they got there? racks full of suitcases and briefcases and wooden crates
How long did it take for the jewelers to complete their work? 6 weeks
Where were the crates they completed being sent? to Himmler in Berlin
What is the translation of the German phrase over the door of the mess hall? "Entrance forbidden to Jews and dogs."
Why was it better if Schindler does not have to present his papers at the border? he can deny he ever went to Hungary that December
Whom did Schindler meet with when he got off the train? Springmann
According to Schindler once the body fat is gone what does the body begin to work on? the brain
What was in favor the labor camps? they lacked the technical apparatus for methodical slaughter
The Vernichtungslagers used people as labor for a time, but their ultimate industry was death and its byproducts. What were the byproducts of death? recycled clothes, remaining jewels or spectacles, toys, skin and hair of the dead
What does Schindler think of Schmidt? he is a thief
What does Schmidt get that Schindler does not want? a percentage of the occupation money
As Schindler was on his way back from Budapest, who was on his way to Lublin to take command of Plaszow? Amon Goeth
How are Goeth and Schindler similar? Catholicism; degrees in engineering, physics, and math; year of birth; weakness for liquor; massive physique
What could both of Goeth’s former wives have testified to about his behavior? that he was physically abusive
What kind of man did Goeth consider himself? sensitive
With what did Goeth’s orders entrust him? the extinction of the ghetto and command over Plaszow camp
How many residents were there in Ghetto B? 2000
Explain the classifications on the new identification cards for residents of the ghettos. W = army employees; Z=employees of civil authorities; R=workers in essential industry
What was to happen to the inhabitants of Ghetto B? they were to be shipped away for "Special Treatment"
The greater portion of the ghetto contained how many residents? 10,000
What occupied the residents of the larger portion of the ghetto? (Where did they work?) the factories of the Plaszow camp
What did Goeth remark when Kunde showed him the remains of the Jewish cemetery? they won't have to go far to be buried
What would the synagogue mortuary become? camp stable
To Goeth what would the fences be rather than an essential precaution? a mental comfort for the prisoners
For what would recycled Jewish clothing be used? sent to bombed out families in Germany
Which two factory owners did Goeth particularly want to win over? Madritsch, Schindler
What could Commandant Goeth tell instinctively about these two men? Madritsch would be reasonable and move in, Schindler would refuse
For what would the “Polish defaced” gravestones be used? interior roads
How much did each of the trolleys of limestone weigh? 6 tons
How was the limestone hauled? teams of women dragging on cables set on either side of the rock truck
How had Goeth impressed upon the men of the camp what the full terms of their labor were? he performed a summary execution
Who was Diana Reiter? a prisoner who was an architectural engineer assigned to the construction of the barracks
What did Diana Reiter not know about Goeth? that he hated her the worst
What did Goeth feel about Reiter’s argument concerning the foundation? that it threatened his personal integrity
What happened to Reiter? Goeth had Hujar shoot her
What was the practical value of this act of execution? that no one in Plaszow would consider himself essential
What was the only chance of the others? prompt and anonymous labor
As for Hujar and his colleagues, what did they now know? that instantaneous execution was to be the permitted style
Among men like Goeth, the word “gratitude” did not have an abstract meaning. Gratitude was a _______________. payoff
What did Schindler tell the Jews remaining in hiding in the ghetto about hiding the night before the final Aktion? they should not try hiding unless they were sure of the hiding place
How many women did Goeth plan on to put in each of the barracks at the new camp? 200
What was significant about the last morning of the ghetto? it was Shabbat
According to Stern Plaszow was a labor institution, it wasn’t like Belzec where they made death like ____________ made __________. Henry Ford made cars
The ghetto at this time had been divided into two sections. What is the difference between the two? Ghetto A was where the working (healthy, hoping, opinionated) Jews lived; Ghetto B was where the old and last of the unemployable lived
What did Drs. H and B do with their sick patients? gave them cyanide
How did Pfefferberg and his wife plan to escape? (What did they plan to use?) through the sewer system
What did Pfefferberg witness as he hid behind the steel gate in the lumber yard? the soldiers with dogs and the murder of a woman and child
The SS did not seem alarmed by the fact that prisoners at Plaszow witnessed their executions on the hill. Why not? they did not look on the prison population as ultimate witnesses
Every morning Goeth stepped out on his balcony and did what? This became a ritual at the labor camp. murdered a prisoner at random
How often were the Ukrainian guards at Emalia switched? every 2 days
Why were the guards rotated in such a way? so no guard had time to develop a fatal grudge against a prisoner
Why was Goeth drawn to Rabbi Levartov? he was a man of presence
How did Levartov get himself into trouble with Goeth during a routine inspection? he was making hinges and, in an effort to prove to Goeth that he was skilled and useful, demonstrated how quickly he could make them
What did Levartov tell Goeth he had been doing that saved him from certain death? shoveling coal
After arriving at Emalia, what did Schindler arrange for Levartov to do that, at first, the rabbi though Schindler was kidding him about? prepare for Shabbat
Some weeks Schindler had to find as many as _________ loaves of round bread for his Schindlerjuden? 3,000
When Goeth, during an inspection of the enamel works, directed that his bodyguard execute Lamus, what price did Schindler pay for the man to be spared? vodka
What qualified the brothers Danziger to be qualified above all for execution? their Orthodox aura
Every now and then what did Goeth do to show that he was still in charge of the camp even though the prisoners referred to it as “Schindler’s camp”? an exemplary hanging
Who was the hangman in Plaszow? a Jewish butcher of Crakow
When the young boy was to be hanged what happened when the support was taken out from under him? the rope broke
What eventually happened to the boy? he was shot by Goeth whom he crawled to
Krautiwirt, the other man waiting to be hanged, did what after witnessing what happened to the boy? slashed his wrists with a razor blade he had hidden in his sleeve
What did the dentist from Budapest and Schindler decide was making Goeth unreasonable? the bad liquor he drank
What plan did they devise to fix this problem? they brought Goeth a crate of first-rate cognac and suggested Schindler mention to Goeth that the war would end and that there would be investigations into the actions of individuals
Remember Bosko, the guard at the gate to the ghetto? What happened to him? he ran away from his police station and vanished into the forest. Later, he was recognized in a village west of Crakow and shot as a traitor
Every night the women in the barracks went to sleep listening to someone play what music? Brahms's "Lullaby"
Two men came to Schindler’s office. Schindler sent for Stern and asked him to do what? to write a full report on the situation in Plaszow
How did Schindler get these two men into Plaszow? as "brother industrialists" on a tour of the camps
What was to be the signal should Stern think there was something these two should see? Stern was to bend down and tie his shoestring
What did one of the men carry with him that could have gotten them all shot? a miniature camera
Why did Stern stop at the quarry? the Germans destroyed men at this rock face
What was used to transport the dead to the woods? bloody wheelbarrows
Why do the prisoners keep Plaszow running? prolonging the life of the slave-labor camps was the same as prolonging the life of a number of slaves
The Jews in Schindler’s camp thanked God that Schindler was kinder to them than to _________. his wife
How much of the money coming in from the resistance did Schindler keep for himself? none
What was an immediate ticket to Auschwitz? pregnancy
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