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Arthurian Lit.

King Arthur and Sir Gawain

Why does Sir Gawain feel ashamed after his final confrontation with the Green Knight? He is ashamed because by keeping the sash, he violates the code of knighthood.
Why does the Green Knight taunt Sir Gawain? Sir Gawain flinches at the sight of the descending ax.
What does Sir Gawain agree to give the lord of the castle with whom he stays? Whatever he wins during the day
What is the original agreement between Sir Gawain the Green Knight? They will exchange one blow for another.
Where does Sir Gawain agree to meet the Green Knight? The Green Knight's chapel
Why does Sir Gawain take the green sash? He hopes it will help him stay alive.
Why does the lady of the castle attempt to seduce Sir Gawain? She is ordered by her husband to test Sir Gawain.
Where does Sir Gawain first meet the Green Knight? King Arthur's court
What happens when Sir Gawain first meets the Green Knight? Sir Gawain beheads the Green Knight.
What is the main thing that Gawain gains from his experiences with the lord, his lady, and the Green Knight? Wisdom
What is the slight wound on Gawain's neck punishment for? Deceit
What gift does the lady of the castle finally persuade Gawain to keep? A green sash
Each day the lord gives Gawain the animals he has killed in exchange for... Whatever Gawain has won that day
When the lord of the castle departs each morning to hung, what does the lady of the castle stay home to do? Seduce Sir Gawain
Which words best describe the Green Chapel? Overgrown and desolate
What does Gawain hear when he arrives at the Green Chapel? A whirring grindstone
On his way to honor his pledge, Gawain is offered hospitality at a castle whose lord proposes... An unusual game
Why does Gawain appear to King Arthur in a dream? He wants to warn Arthur not to fight Mordred for a month.
Whom does Arthur say that he sorely misses on the day of the battle? Lancelot
Why do the two armies begin a battle? A knight innocently draws his sword.
What do Lucan and Bedivere give Modred to convince him not to fight? Cornwall and Kent while Arthur is alive and all of England when he dies
What is the theme of Malory's account of Arthur's death? The importance of honor
What does Arthur's epitaph imply? He will return should England ever need him?
Who are the women in Arthur's dream? They are women Gawain has fought for.
What happened to Bedivere after Arthur's death? He became a monk.
In the dream Gawain warns Arthur to wait a month before fighting Mordred so that he can receive help from? Sir Lancelot
What number seems to be particularly important to the story? Three
Why does the knight who startws the battle draw the sword? He is going to kill a snake that has bitten him.
What is the meaning of the word "host" as Mallory uses it in the story? An army
What is the great noise on the battlefield? Robbers stealing and killing
What does Arthur use to kill Mordred? His spear
Why doesn't Bedivere throw Excalibur into the lake at first? He knows how important and valuable the sword is.
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