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Word Units 1 & 2

By right-clicking in the _________, you can click Customize Ribbon to choose what tabs will be visible on the ribbon. Ribbon
Previewing and printing can be completed by accessing ________. Backstage
The amount of vertical space between the lines of text in a paragraph called __________. line spacing
PDF stands for __________. portable document format
In order to remove all formats from selected text, you can select the _____________ command. Clear Formatting
When a picture is ________, you can move it anywhere on the page. floating
The hollow circles around the clip art called ______. sizing handles
In order to show ________, select the Show/Hide button on the Home tab. nonprinting characters
Each _____________ on the Ribbon is a collection of groups, and each group contains related items. tab
The ___________ provides quick access to frequently used commands. Quick Access Toolbar
When text is selected, what automatically appears on the screen? Mini toolbar
The ___________ feature allows typing to continue on a new line when the current line is full. word wrap
Which tab displays Backstage view? File
What Word feature reduces the amount of time spent typing common content or phrases in a document? AutoComplete
This extension applies to a Word 2013 document .*docx
In order to open a duplicate copy of an active document on the screen, which option in the Window command group will you use? New Window
In order to divide one document into two so you can view two parts of a single document at one time, which option in the Window command group would you use? Split
The __________ stores items you copy or cut until they are pasted. Clipboard
In order to view two documents next to each other using synchronistic scrolling to compare documents, which option in the Window command group would you use? View Side by Side
A/An ___ is a blank space inserted between text and the left or right margin and is used to set paragraphs off from other text in your document. indent
Use this type of indent in legal documents and in bibliography pages to start the first full line of text at the left margin; all remaining lines are indented from the left margin. hanging indent
Which type of tab is used to align a list of currency values? decimal
How do you remove unwanted areas on the horizontal and/or vertical edges of a picture? crop
What option will apply distinct changes to an image, including a drawing, painting, or sketch? artistic effects
What feature provides lines, rectangles, arrows, banners, and other objects to be added to a document? shapes
What feature provides graphical illustrations and diagrams that you can add to a document? SmartArt
When you are going to share a document by email, what do you do to the images to reduce the resolution and file size? compress
CTRL + B bold
CTRL + I italic
CTRL + U underline
CTRL + C copy
CTRL + X cut
CTRL + V paste
CTRL + A select all
CTRL + L left align
CTRL + E center
CTRL + R right align
Created by: julieoelschlager