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Surgical Tech

A surgical instrument designed to retract Allis/Rankin/Kocher/Gelpi Gelpi
Counted prior to surgery Sharps, Instruments, and Sponges
Sterile item used with an Electrosurgical unit Electrosurgical Pencil
Incision allows quick entry into the abdominal cavity w/ excellent exposure Paramedian
Cutting instrument Metzenbaum
Used for sharp dissection Curette
Instruments that touch the appendix during an appendectomy should be Placed in a separate basin
Method of choice for decontaminating O.R. floors at the end of each case Wet vacuum w/ a detergent disinfectant solution
What practice applies to the wearing of nail polish by O.R. personnel All nail polish is forbidden
Best shielding against gamma ray Lead/ vest
Procedure when Xrays are not used in a the operating room C- Section/ Cesarean Section
Position most commonly used for an abdominal aortic aneurysm Lateral/Sitting/Supine/ Prone Supine
Suture that is most inert in the body tissue Silk/Wire/Nylon/Cotton Wire
The electrosurgical unit is A coagulation device/ cautery unit
The Auvard weighted speculum is used for surgery in the Vagina
If a broken suture needle is returned during the surgery, the scrub person should immediately Inform the surgeon
The best reason to keep traffic to a minimum in the operating room is to Prevent contamination of the sterile field
A procedure in which a microscope is used Tracheostomy/Radical neck/Tonsillectomy/ Stapedectomy Stapedectomy / inner ear
Furniture and equipment should be damp- dusted w/ a disinfectant disinfect after every case/ no cross contamination
a proper position of the hand in the gown when initiating closed glove techniques Hands to be inside the sleeves
During an above the knee amputation (AKA), the femur is severed with a (n) Gigli saw/Electrosurgical Pencil/Bone rongeur/Beaver blade Gigli saw
Heaney clamps are used MOST frequently on a -- surgery Hysterectomy/Lobectomy/Cystectomy/Gastrectomy Hysterectomy surgery
When a hernia is strangulated what of the following instruments is added to the general abdominal set-up Rectal set/Gallbladder set/Common duct set/Gastrointestinal set Gastrointestinal set
The following is a surgical instrument designed for hemostasis Crile/Allis/Babcock/Pennington Crile
The type of incision is made during an abdominal Aortic Aneurysm repair McBurney/Pfannenstiel/Midline/Subcostal Midline incision
When two individuals in sterile attire pass one another in the sterile field, they should Pass back to back
Cancer cells MOST often migrate to other parts of the body through which of the following systems Skeletal/Lymphatic/Endocrine/Respiratory Lymphatic system
What is the MINIMAL exposure time in a flash sterilizer for unwrapped instruments 1min/3min/5min/7min 3 min
What is the MOST common reason for performing a splenectomy Tumor/Trauma/Torsion/Infection Trauma
Wrinkle free padding is applied to an extremity before application of a tourniquet to avoid Skin injuries
What is a safe and comfortable temp for the OR 35 to 40/45 to 50/60 to 75/80 to 85 60-75 is safe and comfortable
What is recommended practice after pouring sterile solution Discard any liquid left in the container
A myringotomy is an incision into the cochlea/oval window/tympanic membrane/semicircular canals tympanic membrane
The purpose for inserting a three way foley catheter with a 30cc balloon following a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) facilitate bladder irrigation and aid in hemostasis
The following chemicals is used to surgically clean the skin Antibiotic/Antiseptic/Aliphatic/Aqueous solution Antiseptic
Which is the instruments has teeth Allis/Mixter/Babcock/Mosquito Allis
Non sterile or examination gloves may be used on surgical procedures including intraoral mucous membranes
If two basins are wrapped together for sterilizing, how should they be packaged With one basin stacked inside the other and separated by a towel
During a craniotomy the periosteum is stripped from the bone with A scalpel/ A rongeur/A bayonet/ An Elevator An elevator
The following procedures is used to visualize the cystic, hepatic, and common ducts Cholangiography
In an emergency, which drug(s) maybe used to raise the patients blood pressure morphine sulfate/procaine (Novocain)/succinylcholine (Anectine)/ epinephrine (Adrenaline) Epinephrine (Adrenaline)
When positioning a patient in the lithotomy position, the stirrup height should be adjusted according to the length of the patients legs
One factor affecting ethylene oxide sterilization is pressure/gravity displacement/humidity/saturated steam Humidity
An incision used for gynecological surgery? McBurney/Subcostal/Pfannenstiel/ Thoracoabdominal pfannenstiel
What is the local tissue reaction of the body to injury? fever/infection/inflammation/immune reaction Inflammation
What vein is removed in a vein stripping? Iliac/femoral/saphenous/tibial Saphenous vein
Which substance is used as a general anesthetic agent? Halothane (fluothane)/cocaine/lidocaine (xylocaine)/bupivacaine (Marcaine) Halothane (fluothane) Inhalant
Ligaments that provide uterine support are: round
The structure that is resected during antrectomy? stomach
Autoclaving destroys microorganisms by: coagulation of cellular protein
Condition that results in an unusually high fever in the Pt. after the injection of succinylcholine (Anectine)? Malignant hyperthermia
Which of the following items would be used for sponging around the spinal cord? cottonoids
The sterile back flap of the wraparound- style gown should be fastened: after gloving
The following specimens should be placed in formalin? Thyroid nodule
If a patient has been draped for an abdominal incision and there is too much skin exposed, the scrub person should: redrape over the initial towels
Bumpers or guards are used on retention sutures to prevent the sutures from cutting into the skin
What is the first step for resuscitation of a cardiac arrest patient under local anesthetic? Immediate opening of the airway
The lower leg of a patient in the lateral position for kidney surgery should be: flexed
In which of the following types of surgery are the eyeball and its muscles completely removed? Enucleation
If open cardiac massage is ineffective, what items should be used in the sterile field? Internal defibrillator paddles
The purpose of the purse-string suture in an appendectomy is to: Invert the appendiceal stump
In an autoclaved pack an internal indicator is used to confirm that the pack has been exposed to the sterilization process
What instruments should be on a set up for a TURP? Resectoscope
An unjustifiable attempt to touch another person or the threat to do so is: Assault
The Endocrine Glands: The system regulates and influences other body systems by hormone production
During a craniotomy, the brain surface is protected with: moist cottonoid strips
Augmentation mammoplasty can be done through which of the following incisions? Areolar
What does the scrub person do in a cardiac emergency? Remains sterile and keeps the table sterile
What action should be taken first if a countable item is lost? A count is repeated immediately
Ureteral catheters are graduated so the urologist can detect: the exact distance into the ureter
Which procedure would indicate the use of a tourniquet? Patellectomy
Which of the following substance is an antiseptic? Iodine Compound
Which is a DISADVANTAGE of a stainless steel suture? The suture is hard to handle
In surgery of the middle ear, which of the following retractors would be part of the basic instrument set up? Mastoid
Which of the following positions reduces venous stasis in the lower extremities? Trendelenburg's
Which item may be used in positioning a patient for a total hip replacement? Bean bag
Which of the following layers of surgical dressing is the most innermost? Nonadherent
The gastrocnemius is located in the calf
Which staining solution may be used to identify incision lines on the skin? Gentian violet
With which of the following incisions is the O' Sullivan- O' Connor retractor MOST commonly used? Pfannenstiel
Which of the following retractors is self- retaining? Weitlaner
What procedure should be followed when dealing with counts in a true emergency situtai Omit counts, but document on the operative record
Which of the following instruments is most likely used for taking a biopsy of the uterine cervix? Gaylord punch
What type of cast covers the trunk of the body and one or more extremities? Spica
a pilonidal sinus forms at the: Sacrococcygeal region
Where should the pneumatic tourniquet be placed for ankle surgery? calf/knee/ankle/thigh Thigh
When a cholecystectomy is performed, what anatomical structure must always be preserved? Common duct
Which of the following cocci forms chains? Streptococci
During cataract surgery, which of the following medications is used to dissolve the zonular fibers. Alpha-chymotrypsin (Zolyse)
Which of the following is normally present in urine? Urea
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