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Flowers Vocabulary

Vocabulary from Flowers for Algernon

Charlie's a card when he's potted Charlie is funny when he is drunk.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity The theory of space and time developed by Albert Einstein.
Calculus of vartiations A branch of higher mathematics
Chair of Psychology at Princton The head of they psychology department.
Hindustani A group of languages in India.
Thematic Apperception Test The name of a personality test analyzing personality on the basis of stories people make up about a series of pictures.
Rorshach Test A test for analyzing personality on the basis of stories people make up about a series of pictures.
absurd Ridiculously unreasonable.
brain fissures Grooves that divide the brain into sections
cerebral convoluton Ridges or folds on the brain's surface
conscious Refers to mental activity o which a person IS aware.
subconscious Refers to mental activity a person is NOT aware of
fugues Psychological states where people seem to act consciously but later have no memory of his/her actions.
I.Q. An abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient, determined through an intelligence test.
impair To weaken or damage
inferiority complex Feelings of worthlessness
maze A confusing system of paths in which it is easy to get lost
motivation Any force that moves a character to act in a particular way
motor activity Movement produced by use of the muscles.
Neurosurgeons Someone who does surgery on the brain and the nervous system
opportunist A person who takes advantage of any opportunity, without moral regard, to achieve a goal.
progressive amnesia A steadily worsening loss of memory.
proportional Having a constant relation in degree or number.
refute To prove false.
sensation A state of great interest and excitement.
specialization A focus on a particular area of study .
tangible Able to be seen, touched, or understood.
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